Home and Garden Design Ideas for Those Planning to Move to the Countryside

Garden Inspirations for Filipinos

City life can be overwhelming sometimes. True enough, living in the urban side of the world offers more opportunities than a life in the mountains. But there will come a point where the bustle and hustle of living in a metropolis will take its toll on you.

It is for this reason that some people choose to build a home on the quieter side of the planet. While life may seem uneventful, what with the lack of establishments where fun usually is, the peace and solace life in the rural area offers is something you just can’t trade for anything.

If you’re facing the same dilemma and are planning to move to a rural home, here are the country home and garden design ideas that you can take inspiration from when you build your own.

Best Country Home and Garden Design Ideas

If you’re planning to move to the rural area, here are country home and garden design ideas you can use to build your own haven.

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1. Bamboo bungalow

The Bamboo Bungalow

Bamboo materials have a way of creating a serene and cozy atmosphere without costing you too much, this is why bamboo houses have quickly become a trend over the years. So if you want a house that is both comfortable and budget-friendly, a bamboo bungalow is the one for you. If you need some inspiration, check these bamboo home designs that are truly stunning and stylish.

To complete the eye-catching and relaxing look, an outdoor space where guests could rest and take a nap when they need to would be perfect. Don’t forget to add wooden chairs and pots of plants. As to the type of plants, the freedom is yours.

2. Traditional stone house

The Stone House

Stone houses may not be the trend now, but that does not make them less of a good choice if you’re planning to start anew in the countryside. This Aegean Coast architecture-inspired house is one of the best home and garden designs you should go for.

The stone facade ensures a sturdy foundation and the white walls create a vibe that is bound to give you peace and comfort. A wooden pegola outside is perfect for welcoming family and friends who want to have small talks.

3. Cozy village residence

The Rustic Village House

You might think a combination of stone and brick is too 1900s, but incorporating a bit of the contemporary house designs, this village residence will never look shabby. Full-length glass windows and a landscape that is reflective of modern lifestyle will do the trick.

4. Wooden haven

The Wooden Pavilion

To live in the rural area doesn’t mean you have to build a smaller house. If you’re looking for something big, this wooden pavilion design will surely catch your attention. If you could secure a large space, don’t hesitate to make the most of it. Definitely one of the best home and garden designs, this blue-chip abode also has huge windows that you can let daylight through and from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the scenery.

5. A magical cottage

The Fairy Tale House

A fan of fairy tales and fantasy movies? Maybe that’s even one of the reasons you decided to build a house in a less populous and quieter area. If so, here’s one design that will complement your interests. The bungalow house pictured above can be found in Olympos National Park and has been known for its simple yet elegant design that looks like it’s taken straight out of the fairy tales you enjoyed as a child.

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