Running Out of Ideas for Home Decor? Here are 21 Quick and Easy DIY Projects Using Bamboo

DIY bamboo

Decorating your home with natural elements will breathe new life into your personal living space. Even if your home is more on the contemporary side, it is never too late to play with natural materials to turn an uninspiring nook or cranny into an aesthetically pleasing corner with DIY Projects using Bamboo.

For those looking forward to decorating their homes with natural elements, you should know that wood isn’t the only option out there. Decorating and building your dream home using bamboo has long proven to be a good idea as bamboo is eco-friendly, lightweight, and durable. The exotic look of bamboo is also perfect for creating an Asian-inspired space. In the Philippines, you can purchase bamboo at a low price from reliable sellers. You can choose from a variety of species that are perfect for outdoor and indoor decorations. So without further ado, check out the gallery of DIY projects using bamboo below.

21 DIY Projects Using Bamboo That You Can Follow

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1. Bamboo can be used as a flower planter.

The best thing about bamboo is that it does not require additional planting and can easily be shaped according to your preference—this is one of the main reasons there are a lot of DIY projects using bamboo sprouting everywhere.

Bamboo Planters

2. Plant trellis are great garden decorations if you have an overabundance of vines.

Bamboo Plant Trellis

3. When it comes to DIY projects using bamboo, you gotta be creative. Let your imagination loose by creating a garden gate similar to this mountain/sun design below.

Outdoor Artwork on a Garden Gate

4. This bamboo gutter is cheaper than purchasing one in hardware stores, but be warned that they can be less durable than conventional gutters.

Bamboo Made Gutter

5. Wind chimes are decorative pieces that can liven up any home. Instead of going for the traditional ceramic wind chimes, how about making your own bamboo?

Bamboo Hand Crafted Wind Chime

6. These tall bamboo trees serve as an extra layer of privacy for your backyard.

Bamboo Garden Design Ideas

7. Aside from privacy screens, you can also use bamboo to hold outdoor lighting.

Sweet Outdoor Lighting

8. Make yourself an outdoor shower! Imagine how relaxing it is to bathe in the comfort of your own backyard. With bamboo, you can create a stunning privacy screen for your shower.

Bamboo Outdoor Shower

9. Bamboo garden design ideas are a trend now. You can easily repaint and polish bamboo to create hanging planters like the photo below.

Balcony Garden Decoration Ideas

10. If you are feeling extra crafty, then why not create this adorable garden bench?

Bamboo Garden Bench

11. For indoor decors, you may use bamboo as a rustic decoration for your bathroom wall.

Bamboo Decoration for Bathroom Wall

12. Garden’s don’t necessarily have to be in the ground. You can create a stunning suspended garden that is guaranteed to capture your guests’ attention with bamboo.

Miniature Bamboo Home

13. For a more subtle bamboo project, you can make a photo frame using this eco-friendly material.

DIY Bamboo Photo Frame

14. Bamboo is the perfect material to build a gate that leads to your courtyard.

Bamboo Courtyard Gate

15. A lovely towel dryer that will fit right in your bathroom.

Bamboo Blanket Ladder

16. In classic Feng Shui, moving water is perceived as the flow of life. By combining fountains with bamboo, you can constrict a place of pure zen.

Bamboo Cascading Fountain

17. Constructing a bamboo tipi will take less than a minute.

Bamboo Garden Teepee

18. These bamboo side railings are connected with a sturdy rope. It can be an awesome addition to your garden or courtyard.

Bamboo Fence

19. By bamboo living spaces, we don’t mean houses for humans only. Instead of purchasing one, you can make your own bird house too by using bamboo.

Bamboo Bird House

20. This headboard was made with two wooden sticks and a couple of bamboo poles.

DIY Ideas with Bamboo Sticks

21. A bamboo fence will help give your backyard privacy. Its durability can withstand strong winds and heavy rain.

Bamboo Fence Ideas

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