Easy Home-Organizing Ideas and DIY Projects – Part 2

Easy Home-Organizing Ideas Part two

Organizing can be a pain, but that does not mean it cannot be done. There are more ways to keep your things in place that won’t leave you stressed than you can ever imagine. And after our first list of organizing ideas, we present you another list of DIY organizing tips that will surely lift the burden of arranging a lot of stuff off your shoulder.

DIY Organizing Tips You Can Easily Incorporate into Your Home

13. Decorative Walls for Hanging Kitchen Utensils

Decorative Walls

Aside from the fact that leaving them disorganized in the counter doesn’t create a good sight, kitchen utensils aren’t really the safest things to be left cluttered anywhere. First on this list of DIY organizing tips is to create a board where you can easily take from and return utensils you almost always use.

14. Pegboard Organizer

Pegboard Organizer

The holes on a pegboard can be used in so many ways, and attaching hooks to it to hang kitchen tools is one.

15. Vertical Utensil Drawer

Vertical Utensil Drawer

If you’re not one who’s fond of hanging your stuff around, then this vertical utensil organizer is the best organizing idea for you. With this, you can properly separate forks, spoons, ladles, knives, etc. from each other, and it will be easier for you to find what you’re looking for every time.

16. Wire Shelves for Organizing the Refrigerator

Wire Shelves

Oftentimes, because there’s not enough space in the fridge, we end up just piling everything up, not minding what it would look like. But here’s a great way to solve this dilemma: grab those hanging wires left unused at home and create additional shelves under existing shelves inside your fridge.

17. Pull-Out Baskets for Fridge Organization

Pull-Out Baskets

Adding pull-out boxes lets you separate canned goods, milk boxes, noodles, etc. in a more organized way.

18. Stackable Bins and Drawers

Stackable Bins and Drawers

To better store powdered ingredients like sugar, milk, and flour, plastic containers make a great choice. These bins and drawers can be easily found in stores and are affordable. Stack them to make use of every little space in your cupboard. Make sure to label them properly for safety purposes.

19. Undershelves to Take Advantage of Vertical Space


When you a small space but have to fit in a lot of things, you should learn how to make the most out of every vacant area you see. When arranging plates, bowls, and cups, one of the best DIY organizing tips is to add attach undershelves to cabinets to take advantage of the vertical space.

20. Pant Hangers to Organize Your Boots

Pant Hangers to Organize Your Boots

When you can’t find one of your most treasured pair of boots, it can be a real pain. One good way to keep them in place is to use boot hangers, but they can be expensive. So here’s another clever hack: hang them on pants hanger. Why spend a lot on boot hangers when you can hang them using something cheaper, which gives an equally satisfying result.

21. Wall/Closet Attached to Crown Molding as Shoe Organizer

Wall or Closet Attached to Crown Molding

There’s more to crown molding than just being a decorative feature of the house. Some of us love collecting shoes but not a lot have enough space for those numerous pairs of footwear. To solve that problem, glue crown molding onto the base molding, then spray-paint to match the the theme of the whole room. You can use nails or screws to hold it in place. With this, you can easily organize your high-heel shoes without creating a mess on the floor.

22. Labeled Hangers for Similar Clothing Items

Labeled Hangers

Differentiating similar-looking items takes time no matter how sharp your eyes are, and it’s very inconvenient if you are in a hurry. So help yourself by labeling these items as you hang them.

23. Backward Hangers for Future Donation or Garage Sales

Backward Hangers

If you’re planning to start a garage sale or give away some of your stuff to save some space, you can start separating your old things in an organized way. One of the best DIY organizing ideas for this, especially if you want to give away clothes you can’t use anymore, is to hang them on a backward hanger as soon as you’ve used them enough.

24. Divider Shelves for Organized Sweaters and Shirts

Divider Shelves

Shelves always make a good arranging trick. In this particular organizing hack, you can add shelves to better separate your sweaters and shirts from each other.

For more DIY organizing tips, check out the third part of this article series.

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