Easy Home-Organizing Ideas and DIY Projects – Part 3

Easy Home-Organizing Ideas Part Three

In the second part of our article series on the best DIY organizing projects, we talked about organizing hacks to keep our kitchen area clutter-free. This time, in the third part, we’ll discuss more of these amazing tricks to save our closet from all kinds of mess.

Keep Your Things Well Arranged with These DIY Organizing Projects

25. Belts on a Sliding Rack

Belts on a Sliding Rack

It makes an easier way to get your preferred belt to complement your outfit of the day out of the rack, don’t you agree?

26. Hangers for Storing Eyewear

Hangers for Storing Eyewear

You know what happens when you just leave your glasses everywhere? You might sit on it or step on it and your hundreds of dollars worth of eyewear will be gone, just like that. So as we speak about DIY organizing projects, how about you try hanging your treasured pairs of glasses on a hanger where you can easily get and return them hassle-free.

27. Wall-Attached Ribbons for Sunglasses

Wall-Attached Ribbons for Sunglasses

If you find hangers less fashionable, then attach a DIY ribbon on the wall to hang your eyeglasses. You can even make one that matches your wall’s theme color.

28. Shower Curtain Hooks for Handbags

Shower Curtain Hooks for Handbags

Collecting bags is such a fun hobby, but it could get taxing when it starts piling up and you have little to no space left for new ones. One of the most clever DIY organizing projects is to use the hooks for shower curtain to hang your precious collection.

29. Command Hooks for Keeping Jewelry Untangled

Hooks for Keeping Jewelry Untangled

Jewelries are so nice to look at, but untangling them gives you headache, and you don’t really have enough time for that when you’re in a hurry for an important meetup. To save yourself from dealing with such a mess, it’s time to use command hooks so you can easily hang your bracelets and necklaces the more organized way while completely eradicating the possibility of them getting tangled.

30. Nice Shoe Storage Trick

Nice Shoe Storage Trick

High-heel shows need more storage space than sneakers and flat kicks. Here’s a smart way of storing them.

31. Pool Noodles to Keep Your Boots Straight

Pool Noodles

When you leave your boots in the closet just as they are, they tend fall over, which eventually creates a crease, and to be honest, it’s not pretty to look at. So the next time you store your pairs of boots, stick a pool noodle inside them, with the noodle cut according to the boots’ height, to prevent them from falling over.

32. Matching Sheets Stored in Pillowcases

Matching Sheets

When you’re organizing bed sheets, instead of piling the sheets separately from the pillow cases, stuck them inside the cases to save space and keep the pile look clean.

33. Magnets to Keep Small Metals Like Tweezers

Magnets to Keep Small Metals

Aside from the fact that cluttered metallic things do not, in any way, look tidy, some of them have sharp edges that are pretty unsafe for anyone. To solve this dilemma, place magnets on the sides of storage boxes or on the bathroom wall to keep small tools and other stuff that are made of metal together.

34. Magnetic Racks for Hygiene Tools

Magnetic Racks for Hygiene Tools

They’re hygiene tools and are therefore used for hygienic purposes, so it is just right we store these items in a hygienic way too—and leaving them just about everywhere isn’t exactly healthy. And for the same reason stated in the previous item, it is best we attach a magnetic rack on bathroom wall or beside our makeup area for small stuff that are made of metal.

35. PVC Pipe for Easy Appliance Storage

PVC Pipe for Easy Appliance Storage

PVC Pipes for Easy Appliance Storage

When you’ve got no use for them, PVC pipes end up in the trash bin. But to tell you, that is a total waste of good material you could’ve used for something else, like as added storage space at home.

36. Mason Jars as Bathroom Wall Storage

Mason Jars

If you’ve seen a lot of DIY projects that involve mason jars, you’ll probably agree that most of the time, they are only turned into decorative pieces. But this DIY projects gives you a brilliant way to make use of these jars as what what they originally are—storage containers. Glue them on bathroom walls to provide a good space for cotton swabs, cotton, and other cleaning supplies.

For more DIY organizing ideas, check out the fourth part of this article series.

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