Easy Home-Organizing Ideas and DIY Projects – Part 4

Easy Home-Organizing Ideas Part Four

More DIY projects that are useful for organizing stuff at home have been discussed in the third part of this series, but still, we have prepared more for you. Here are more DIY home organizing ideas you can apply yourself for a tidier space.

Clever DIY Home Organizing Ideas

37. Glass Bottles as Bracelet and Ponytail Holders

Glass Bottles as Bracelet and Ponytail Holders

Just like necklaces, bracelets and hair ties tend to get tangled too. One good way to keep them all in one place where you can just easily grab them when you need to is to use a glass bottle to hold them. You can even design the bottle to make it look more eye-pleasing.

38. Use a Magnetic Palette for an Organized Makeup Holder

Use a Magnetic Palette

A disorganized makeup kit proves to be a hassle, especially considering that this kit, if anything, should be the first thing that’s free from any type of mess. For an organized makeup holder, it is highly advisable to use a magnetic palette.

39. Shelf Over Bathroom Door for Rarely Used Things

Shelf Over Bathroom Door

Bathrooms aren’t complete without shelves. We need them for our towels, toiletries, and all other bathroom essentials. But wouldn’t it be harder to find what you will need every day if you mix it up with stuff you won’t need as often? To save you from the hassle, one of the best DIY home organizing ideas is to store them in a separate area. “But I would need another cabinet,” you might say. Worry not as here’s another clever trick: see that space above your door? Make use of it by adding a shelf over it for the things you rarely use like cleaning equipment.

40. Baskets and Rails for Bathroom Accessory Storage

Baskets and Rails for Bathroom

Got baskets at home that have been lying untouched? Repurpose them into hanging storage for your bathroom, which you can use to store towels, toothbrushes, shower body lotion, etc. You can repaint these hanging baskets too, if you want to be a little more creative.

41. DIY Magnetic Makeup Board

DIY Magnetic Makeup Board

Magnetic makeup palette makes for a more organized kit, as mentioned in item no. 38. If you’re using one, then you must have enjoyed the benefits of having a magnetic makeup organizer. But did you know you can sue the same trick with your other makeup essentials? All you need to do is to find a metal board and secure small pieces of magnet. Attach the magnets to the board, frame the whole thing, arrange the makeup products on it, voila! You now have your own magnetic makeup board.

42. Pressing Surface to Replace Ironing Board

Pressing Surface to Replace Ironing Board

Leftover quilt batting often end up in the storage room and just left there until it’s time to clean up the area and throw away everything. Little do people know this material can be used for something else too.

In ironing clothes, what do we need? A dry iron and ironing board, right? But the latter can be pretty expensive, not to mention too big, it takes up so much space. So the next item on our list of DIY home organizing ideas is a do-it-yourself pressing surface. Get a thick plywood (preferably 3/4-inch thick), cover it with batting scraps, and cotton fabric, and you now have a pressing surface for all those ironing you have to do without the need for a huge ironing board.

43. Repurposing Shoe Organizers to Store Cleaning Supplies

Store Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies, while very useful, can be dangerous too, so storing them is a crucial task. One of the highly advisable DIY home organizing ideas for homeowners is to repurpose your old shoe organizer into a storage area for all of your cleaning supplies.

44. Washer and Dryer Shelf with Organized Laundry

Washer and Dryer Shelf

If you have a small laundry room, organizing things can be a challenge. You still have huge washing machines to fit in, after all. So here’s the solution: make use of every little space you see. A good example would be placing baskets under the washer and dryer, and you can use it to store the smaller stuff like towels and socks.

45. Hanging Ladder for Air Drying Clothes

Hanging Ladder for Air Drying Clothes

Upcycle an old ladder into a drying rack, which you can place inside your laundry room by suspending it from the ceiling. Apart from being a great space-saving trick, you can also design the rack for added decoration to your usually plain-looking laundry area.

46. Ball Storage

Ball Storage

Just because balls are meant for dribbling and rolling doesn’t mean you just gotta keep them rolling on the garage floor too. Sports and games equipment can cause accidents if left disarranged. For balls, here’s one great way to store them: grab some bungee cords and a two pieces of wood (small, rectangular pieces). It does not take up so much space and allows you to grab the balls the easier way.

47. Pegboard with Hooks for Sports Gears

Pegboard with Hooks

We got you a way to store balls, now here’s another organizing trick for all other sports gear. Nail a pegboard on a vacant space on the wall, attach some hooks, and use this to hang equipment for a clutter-free garage area.

Our list of smart DIY home organizing ideas does not end here. More of these helpful tricks are discussed in the fifth and last part of our article series.

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