Easy Home-Organizing Ideas and DIY Projects – Part 5

Easy Home-Organizing Ideas Part Five

It’s hard to find home organizing projects that won’t burn a hole in your pocket these days. But there’s no need to worry as we prepared a list of home organizing projects that are affordable and non-time-consuming.

After the fourth part of this five-part article series, we have come back with our last—but definitely not the least—list of home organizing projects you will surely find helpful.

Smart Home Organizing Projects for a Cleaner Space

48. Mason Jar Garage Organizer

Mason Jar Garage Organizer

If there’s one thing that’s always present on lists of the best DIY projects, it’s mason jars. What can these little containers not be used on, to be honest.

In a typical garage, nails, screws, tacks, etc. are always present. Most of the time, these are stored in toolboxes along with woodworking tools. While it is not entirely an issue, it is still a hassle to dig deep into your box just to find those little screws you might have kept there. It is best to store these tiny ones separately. But there’s no need to buy new storage boxes. Let those old mason jars out and use them for added and more organized storage space for tacks, nails, screws, and batteries.

49. Ottoman with Built-In Storage Function

Ottoman with Built-In Storage Function

Who says an ottoman is only for sitting? This furniture has more to it than what meets the eye. It can be used as a storage space. Some of this type of couch have hardwood tray and a top, which when removed, reveals an empty space big enough to store things like pillows or stuffed toys.

50. DVDs Stored in Boxes

DVDs Stored in Boxes

We often forget to store our DVDs, oftentimes leaving them beside the player or TV; but remember that discs are fragile, so if you just leave them lying around, they get stepped on and they break. It is better to store them in a box where you can easily pile them. You can even label these boxes according to different show or movie genres for easier access.

51. Decorative Record Storage

Decorative Record Storage

Instead of keeping them inside boxes, why don’t you transform your beloved old records into a decorative piece? Simply arrange them neatly in a storage in a way that won’t look cluttered, make sure it will instead catch your guests’ attention and make them want to go over your collection.

52. Cable Organizers for Less-Cluttered Spaces

Cable Organizers

Cable organizers are a necessity for every house, especially at an age where almost everything we have at home is wired. In the photo is a plug hub, which is probably one of the most effective way of keeping cords in place. It does not only keep the cable organized, it also conceals the cords properly to help make your space look even tidier.

53. Shoe Holders Attached to Cabinets for Extra Storage

Shoe Holders

With this home organizing project, you get additional space for your hair care and other hygiene products. The small pockets even give you a way to properly separate them.

54. Repurpose Recyclables for Future Storage Usage

Repurpose Recyclables

By recyclables, we mean paint cans, tins, mason jars, and plastic containers. Well, mason jars, as we have always mentioned, are a staple in home organizing projects. Paint cans and tins, on the other hand, come in handy when you need storage for the materials you usually use for handicrafts and other small stuff at home that shouldn’t be left scattered around. You can also unleash your creative side when it comes to repainting and designing these materials.

55. Follow Suggested Makeup Organization Placement

Makeup Organization Placement

What better organizing tip for keeping your makeup arranged than a trusted makeup organization placement! Above is a useful trick to help you find out where to put your brushes, lipsticks and lip balms, etc.

56. Cute Hanging Makeup Organization

Cute Hanging Makeup Organization

When you want to organize your things but also in the mood for some little decorating, this is one of the best home organizing projects to do. Your nail polishes, brushes, and other makeup tools would look prettier when placed in cute baskets.

57. Divide Makeup Drawers

Divide Makeup Drawers

Keeping your entire makeup in one big drawer isn’t exactly a good idea. The solution? Dividers. There are drawers with built-in dividers, but that would have you spending on a new one. A good tip would be to use the same big drawer and just add cut cartons to serve as dividers.

58. Hanger and Pins for Chip Storage

Hanger and Pins

Got no space for your favorite chips? Grab some old hangers and use these to store your snacks. (You can even hang them somewhere kids won’t be able to reach, so help them cut down on these unhealthy treats.)

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