Easy Home-Organizing Ideas and DIY Projects

Easy Home-Organizing Ideas

If getting organized means that you have your life put together, then it’s probably time for you to think up of organizing ideas for your home. From your bedroom to the kitchen to the garage, space-saving tricks are all the rage today. While there are a ton of products that could help you make your home look put together, they can be expensive, so you might want to do some DIY projects on your own.

There are a lot of organizing ideas available online. For instance, making use of one thing for a completely different function like an old tension curtain rug as a cabinet divider or using magazine racks to organize pot and pan lids. Then there are bigger ideas like attaching undershelves in cabinets to make use of space, which you somehow always seem to run out of.

Check out these organizing ideas and tricks to help your home look less cluttered:

Smart Organizing Ideas You Will Surely Find Helpful

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1. Hanging Makeup Organizer

Hanging Makeup Organizer

Oftentimes, we leave our stuff anywhere. True, it’s more convenient that way, especially if you’re in a hurry. But this habit will create unnecessary mess that is not really pleasing to watch. To help you keep your things, especially your makeup kit, in place, why not use a hanging organizer? Place it somewhere easy for you to see and check. You can even have numerous pockets for all kinds of makeup tools.

2. Garage Sliding Storage System

Garage Sliding Storage System

Our garage often run our of space fast. Unless you have enough time and materials to expand it, it is better to look for other ways to save space or add more, for that matter. If the floor is too crowded already, then go for the ceiling this time. The trick is to make sliding storage boxes you can hang on the ceiling for the things you can’t fit in the garage floor anymore.

3. Coffee Canisters for Yarn Storage

Coffee Canisters for Yarn Storage

When left tangled and scattered everywhere, the rolls of yarn you use for your art projects won’t make your space look aesthetic. Unused coffee canisters aren’t either, so why not make use of the latter to solve your former problem. You can paint the canisters too to match the color of the yarns or give them the same shade for uniformity.

4. IKEA Grundtal for Craft Organization

IKEA Grundtal

The IKEA Grundtal does a lot of wonders when it comes to organizing things. Try using it when you’re arranging your craft supplies.

5. Pegboards for Storing Crafting Supplies

Pegboards for Storing

Every hole on a pegboard serves its own purpose. So why not make the most of it? Your craft supplies would look less messy if they’re properly arranged using an old perforated hardboard.

6. Tension Rods for Organizing Spray Bottles Under the Sink

Tension Rods for Organizing Spray Bottles

Since these products are bigger in size, they take up a lot space, so it pays to resort to a different way of storing them. One of the smartest organizing ideas you could try is to add a rod under the sink and hang the spray bottles on there.

7. Magnetic Rack for Kitchen Utensil Storage

Magnetic Rack for Kitchen Utensil

These utensils can be dangerous when carelessly hung around the kitchen, so the next item on this list is a quick tip: use a magnetic rack instead. Pulling them out of the rack for a quick use is pretty convenient too.

8. Tension Curtain Rods as Cupboard Dividers

Tension Curtain Rods

Create additional shelves in your cupboard using this smart organizing tip. All you need to achieve this are the reusable curtain rods lying around at home.

9. Magazine Rack for Storage

Magazine Rack

If you have successfully used all of your old magazines for another DIY project but don’t know where to use the now-useless magazine rack, worry not as one of the organizing ideas on this list will help you solve that dilemma.

10. Magazine Racks as Pot Lid Holders

Magazine Racks as Pot Lid Holders

Here’s another good way of using repurposing magazine racks. Magazine racks make a good pot lid holder in the kitchen. This is a better way of keeping the lids arranged instead of leaving them in the counter or anywhere else.

11. Hangable Kitchen Utensils

Hangable Kitchen Utensils

Instead of the usual steel rod, spend no more money and just grab an old board, then with your garden supplies, you can make your own hanging utensils organizer.

12. Magnetic Spice Racks for Your Fridge

Magnetic Spice Racks for Your Fridge

When you’re cooking, you’ll certainly like it best when all the ingredients you need are already on the table or anywhere you can easily grab them. But when your spices are in little jars all placed inside one cabinet, it’s too much of a hassle to dig through the pile. So here’s a clever idea: add some spice racks on your refrigerator for easier access. Exactly like the one pictured above.

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