Houseplants for People with No Green Thumb

Houseplants for People with No Green Thumb

Studies say that looking at something green can release some of the stress and tension you feel over the day. That being said, most people want to see a bit of greenery, even in the form of planters for their room, just to get a little sense of nature in an otherwise urban lifestyle. Unfortunately, not everyone is gifted with a green thumb, which makes small gardens something quite like a feat. Don’t worry, though, there are houseplants for non-green-thumb homeowners. These greens don’t need a lot of TLC—but could bring color to your home all the same.

Below is a list of some of the most eye-pleasing houseplants for non-green-thumb homeowners.

Beautiful Houseplants for Non-Green-Thumb Homeowners

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Fittonia (nerve plant)


The small but colorful nerve plant has bright green leaves with bright red, pink, or white veins. It looks lovely in a pot that complements the color of its leaves, or in one that offers amazing contrast. Nerve plants are easy to care for, and they’re perfect for offices and small bedrooms. They also like humidity, so they make great decorative purposes in bathrooms too.

  • Light: low to medium, thrives in sunny windows with light filtered through a curtain
  • Water: when soil is almost dry to the touch, however, try not to drown it!

Alocasia (elephant’s ear)


While elephant’s ears look like they’re high-maintenance plants, they’re actually not! These exotic houseplants, which look a lot like elephant’s ears to some, with its dark green leaves are easy to look after, and are great to put in high humidity areas like the bathroom and the kitchen.

  • Light: bright
  • Water: when soil feels nearly dry to the touch

Gynura aurantiaca (purple passion plant)

Gynura aurantiaca

It has a lovely violet hue, but the purple passion plant actually has green leaves covered with purple hairs. Depending on the light, the plant could look like it’s radiating purple neon light, because its purple is incredibly vivid. As it matures, it becomes more vine-like, making it perfect for a hanging basket. They also tolerate dry soil well, so you don’t have to stress so much when it comes to watering it.

  • Light: medium or bright
  • Water: keep moist, not drenched

Various (succulents)


Succulents are the trendiest plants these days. They come in many different colors, shapes, and sizes, and can be put in any type of container. You can opt to put them in a shallow, wide container for a statement-ready coffee table centerpiece, or plant a single one in a tiny pot for your windowsill. Succulents thrive in natural and artificial light, so feel free to keep one of them at your desk or cubicle.

  • Light: bright light
  • Water: low water

Nephrolepis exaltata (Boston fern)

Nephrolepis exaltata

Boston ferns grow well indoors as well as outdoors. You can let yours thrive on the front porch in the summer, then move into your entryway or living room when the weather starts getting colder. With their soft, vibrant fronds and arching appearance, these houseplants make any space look elegant and fresh. What’s more, ferns can improve the air you breathe, and there are even claims that it can help remove toxins in the air.

  • Light: medium light
  • Water: keep moist

Which of these lovely houseplants for non-green-thumb homeowners will you be bringing home this season?

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