20 Clever Ideas to Personalize Your Door with Flowers

Clever Ideas to Personalize Your Door

When people go to your house, the first thing they see would be your front door. The entrance way is visible from the street, so choosing how to style and personalize your door area will require a lot of planning.

When guests walk up to your home, you want to give them a good impression. Here are some ways you can decorate and personalize your door and make it look more inviting.

Artistic Way to Personalize Your Door

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Use an antique light fixture

antique light fixture

Sometimes, it’s better to stick with the old-fashioned way of decorating areas. Antique light fixture, although not recently bought, will make your entranceway just as inviting as it would have looked if you hang the latest light fixture around. And of course, complete the whole look with colorful plants on each side of the door.

Put barrel planters on wheels

barrel planters on wheels

There are a lot of reasons homeowners choose barrel planters for their plants. Somehow, they make maintaining the soil easier; and if wheels are added, moving these barrels is never an issue and you can place them wherever you deem fit. But here’s another thing you can do with barrel planters on wheels: use them to make your doorway more welcoming. As evidenced by the example above, to personalize your door with barrel planters is worth a try, especially when you’ve chosen the right flowers to come with it.

Have a flower arrangement using bright colors

flower arrangement

What better way to personalize your doorway than to add brightly colored plants? They don’t really have to be the rare kind just to give your guests the impression that you’ve put much effort, the normal, easily accessible plants are good enough. Choose the ones with appearances that fit the theme of your entranceway or your entire house.

A topiary

A topiary

Topiary has become a hobby for many homeowners, so it’s not surprising if clipped shrubs and trees are gracing more and more doorways—and let’s not deny it, they make a good ornament.

Use oversized planters

Use oversized planters

It can be pretty challenging to find the most stylish oversized planter that you can use to personalize your door, but there are many choices available for you, so you’re bound to find one. And of course, be smart in choosing the type of plant you want to greet your guests.

Multiple pots of shrubs

Multiple pots of shrubs

A combination of hanging ornamental plant and a few pots of eye-pleasing shrubs make for an entranceway that will lift up the mood of anyone about to step inside your house.

Precisely manicured shrubbery

manicured shrubbery

These artistically clipped plants look like they’re about to lead you to a paradise like you’ve never seen before—but well, that’s not really entirely impossible, though. You can use the same trick at home to make your guests feel more welcomed.

Imposing planters

Imposing planters

Here’s another way to personalize your door using nature’s gift aka plants. Imposing planters give a dignified atmosphere to any area.

Nice lighting and flower arrangements

lighting and flower arrangements

Yes, how you set up the pots in front of the door matters, but it doesn’t end there. The lighting in your entranceway will set the ambiance of the whole house, it’s like telling giving your guests an idea of what to expect inside. Choose the right lighting that you believe best fits your home.

A welcome arrangement

welcome arrangement

Of course, to personalize your door the way that looks more inviting, how about literally inviting them inside? Just like the one pictured above, you can hang a sign that tells them they’re welcome to knock and step inside anytime. And don’t forget to pair it with some small pots of plant or a light fixture, or else, it will look too plain and boring.

Need more ideas? Read the second part of this article series for more suggestions on how to personalize your door.

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