Relaxing Hanging Bed Designs for Absolute Enjoyment

Relaxing Hanging Bed Designs for Absolute Enjoyment

Imagine yourself cradling comfortably like a baby in a hammock or hanging bed suspended between two trees, with the waves as your music while reading your favorite book until the breeze blows you into slumber. Isn’t it a beautiful and peaceful scenario you want to experience for real?

Hammock is fun, but hanging beds are so much better! How do you like to have a floating bed in your own house or patio? All you need is a solid support in the ceiling, durable chain and links, and a bed frame.

Cozy and Stylish Hanging Bed Designs

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Relax all day in this stylish hanging bed

Hanging Outdoor Bed

Watching the beautiful ocean view would be more enjoyable when you’re relaxing on a hanging bed. The breathtaking scenery paired with the fresh air is just perfect.

The ultimate spot to enjoy paradise

Cool Breezy Bedroom

Experts claim that gentle rocking movement induces sleep. You can try and see if it’s true by lying on this cushy hanging bed.

Floating bed blends in with any background well

Floating Bed

A hanging bed not only gives you a good spot to take a rest in, it also adds beauty to your home. If you want a stylish hanging bed, there’s a lot of design ideas you can get inspiration from.

Heterogeneous attic chamber with Nordic design for suspended beds

Attic Bedroom

For those who prefer to be alone sometimes and find the attic more comfortable than the living room, placing a hanging bed in the area will be a good idea. The suspended bed pictured above is a good example, with colors that even makes the plain-looking attic look more lively.

Liven up your living room with this vivacious swing chaise

Floating Bed In Colorful Room

If you don’t want it in the attic, adding a hanging bed in the living room will just be as fine. Some hanging beds don’t use up much space, just like this swing chaise.

Hang out in your bedroom with this timeless full-size bed swing

Relaxing Bedroom Atmosphere

A floating bed instead of the typical one in your bedroom is not at all unconventional. It adds style to your room without compromising comfort.

If you are in need of more of these beautiful hanging beds, click here for the second part of this article.

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