Home Remodeling Guide: Indoor Swimming Pool Designs

Indoor Swimming Pool Designs

Everyone loves to go swimming. Especially during sunny summer, a refreshing dip is always a big yes. While the beach sounds way more enticing, outdoor pools aren’t at all bad. This is why most of us, if we can afford it, we make sure we have one in our backyard.

But when the rainy or winter season kicks off, the outdoor swimming craze is over. But that does not mean the fun should be too. The solution? An indoor pool.

Designing one, however, can be a challenge. You don’t know where the best area to have it or what it should look like. But worry not, we’ve got some ideas for you.

10 Chic Indoor Swimming Pool Designs for Your Home

If you’re struggling to find the perfect design for your pool, you’re on the right page! Here’s a list of posh indoor swimming pool designs you can take inspiration from.

1. Indoor infinity pool

Indoor Infinity Pool

Place one side of the indoor pool adjacent to a wall that’s structured with picture windows. This design lets in the maximum amount of light and views of the outdoor, and ultimately creates an illusion of an infinity pool, even when it’s constructed inside the house.

2. Olympic pool

Olympic Pool

If you have a large space, you can definitely create an Olympic pool inside your home. But if you don’t, you can maximize the little space you have by creating a non-space-consuming design that looks grandiose in size.. Just build a rectangular pool, paint it with extended lines, and then erect a close space with walls and roof.

3. Rustic pool

Rustic Pool

The cozy, warm, and simple vibe of modern wooden house designs blends well with rustic indoor swimming pool designs. Make sure to use mint or light blue tiles to form the pool’s flooring, as this will give contrast to the whole design of the house.

4. Party pool

Party Pool

This one is just a normal-looking pool, unless you turn on the lights. A party pool is surrounded with neon lights that are usually found at a club. In terms of the pool’s shape and size, you can tap your creativity and create the pool you want! Just don’t forget to add those cool flashy lights.

5. Tropical pool

Tropical Pool

If you love the tropics, you’ll absolutely love this design. This indoor pool has a miniature waterfall on the side and some tropical trees and bushes around it. Besides that, the pool’s flooring has graduating tones of beige and light blue that resemble the sand and ocean.

6. Cave pool

Cave Pool

If you like a nature-inspired indoor pool, you can achieve it with a cave-like pool. The walls, floor, and ceiling have mounds that look like a rock formation in a cave. The tile flooring and purple-blue lighting contribute to the dreamy hue of the indoor pool, which mimics the natural cave water.

7. Lounge pool

Lounge Pool

This indoor pool is right next to a lounge, which makes it an ideal place for someone who loves to rest on the sofa after taking a dip. It’s a sophisticated indoor pool design with a creamy-beige pillar at one end and huge casement windows that let you enjoy a glimpse of the outdoors

8. In-ground Jacuzzi pool

In-Ground Jacuzzi Pool

One of the best modern indoor swimming pool designs is the in-ground Jacuzzi. As its name suggests, the Jacuzzi is built in-ground, which is the perfect spot to relax inside the house. Use crushed stones for its surrounding floor, so it doesn’t get slippery.

9. Bathroom pool

Bathroom Pool

Constructed as an extension to the bathroom, this indoor pool is a cool addition to your home. Also, you can achieve a more contemporary design by using chromatic colors. The outcome is a pool area that is simple but still looks elegant, relaxing, and secluded at the same time.

10. Checkered pool

Checkered Pool

This indoor pool design uses checkered tiles for its flooring, and incorporates it with dark green lush planters all around. It also boasts yellow-golden tones for its lighting, which adds warmth to the area.

Your home deserves a pool area where you can relax with your family and friends at any time you feel the need to. However, be reminded that an indoor pool isn’t cheap and it requires regular maintenance. If you think you can afford it and keep it clean, then don’t hesitate to build that indoor pool. Use any of the indoor swimming pool designs listed above and you’re sure to have a cozy and alluring swimming area inside your house.


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