Ceiling Design Ideas to Add Elegance to Your Home

Ceiling Design

Unless you made sure that your house is designed by a good architect and not just another run-of-the-mill, generic plan, most houses these days have flat, white ceilings that look dull, no matter how much decorating and design you’ve put in on the walls and empty spaces—but with an impressive ceiling design, we can finally get rid of the shabby-looking upper interior surface.

A great ceiling can give character to a room, whether it’s the kitchen or bedroom or living room, giving quite an impression to those who step in.

But considering how only a few people pay that much attention to ceiling designs, finding the perfect one could be a bit overwhelming. There are a lot of patterns and colors to choose from, and tons of amazing designs as well.

There are tray ceilings and beam ceilings, and beam ceilings and drop ceilings, but whatever style you choose, here are inspirational ceiling design ideas to get you started.

Sightly Ceiling Design Ideas

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This recessed ceiling and lighting dazzle with style and class.

recessed ceiling and lighting dazzle

This warm and elegant ceiling gives great lighting, ultimately giving the space an immaculate appearance

warm and elegant ceiling

This aesthetic home office has an exquisite wood trim to match the beautiful hardwood floors

aesthetic home office

The paneled ceiling and cool lighting fixtures make this bedroom feel like such a dream

paneled ceiling and cool lighting fixtures

The lavish glass windows and simple, elegant ceiling give this drawing room a lovely ambiance

lavish glass windows and simple, elegant ceiling

This elegant ceiling looked perfect with the chic design of the room, and the multiple illuminated squares added a more lavish look

elegant ceiling

This classic tray ceiling look uses an artistic fan as a centerpiece, accentuating the chic beauty of the bedroom

classic tray ceiling

This wood paneled ceiling is incorporated with the existing beams, creating a subtle look that pulled the entire room together

wood paneled ceiling

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