Ceiling Design Ideas to Add Elegance to Your Home: Part 2

Ceiling Design Ideas

There are also modern ceilings that can do a whole lot more than just provide a white canvas. The classic looks are beautiful, but that doesn’t mean that you’re limited to such. Modern architecture can play with both form and function and things like LED lighting units can be part of the whole thing, just like what the latest ceiling design ideas suggest. If you like the first six ceiling design ideas we shared in the first part of this four-part series, we’re sure you will love these designs just as much.

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Aesthetic Ceiling Design Ideas: Shining a Spotlight

Sleek and stylish modern alternatives can offer a classic look by adding pendant lamps and chandeliers. Innovative designs can do wonders to any room, especially when paired with proper lighting.

This tasteful room has a skylight, which always adds a beautiful view few can get the chance to see while they’re drifting off to sleep

A Square Glass Ceiling

Add a little dazzle in a room with this unusual ceiling pattern and design

unusual ceiling pattern

This stylish beamed white ceiling looks great with the cool blue walls and dark floors, creating a lovely contrast to the ethereal-looking bedroom

stylish beamed white ceiling

Who said  are for walls? This striking print and gorgeous lighting brings life to the ceiling and creates a streamlined look to the room’s themed color.

stencil designs

This mahogany ceiling adds a dash of sophistication to the simple but classy bedroom

mahogany ceiling

Embrace warm hues and add illuminating lights to the ceiling to make for a warmer feel

warm hues and add illuminating lights

Contemporary homes call for contemporary ceiling design ideas, and this tray ceiling adds a dash of style and elegance

contemporary ceiling design

The cove lighting adds a good accent to the kitchen that has a design that’s reflective of modern architecture 

modern architecture

If you can’t get enough of these lovely ceiling designs and want to see more, read the third part of this series.

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