Ceiling Design Ideas to Add Elegance to Your Home: Part 3

Ceiling Design Ideas to Add Elegance

For home owners who are still unsure about how they would want the upper surface of their house to look like, there are many inspirational ceiling design ideas out there that they can use. The problem lies on which one will match the theme of the whole house.

Custom-designed ceilings, like the ones discussed in the second part of this four-part series, could offer a brilliant and unique look. The reason for this is that it can alter the visual impression to a room, giving it more grandeur. The use of cathedral ceilings can add more space, while drop designs can offer a more compact and intimate twist that is typical of modern design trends.

A coffered ceiling design, on the other hand, can add height and an airy feel for a home, and the old-English charm is something home owners and designers dream about. Giving the impression of more spacious interiors can also show a more modern feel, which can be created with tray ceilings and works best for homes with tall walls, bringing in a new perspective.

Inspirational Ceiling Design Ideas: Depth Perception

The barreled ceiling of this room is accented with a lovely trim, offering an interesting variation and a break from monotony

barreled ceiling

The cool blue ceiling adds a dash of style in this eclectic but otherwise monochromatic kitchen and island bar combination

cool blue ceiling

This dramatic design adds an intimate and stylish interior to this elegant home

elegant home

This elaborate wood ceiling gives the elegant home office a timeless look

elaborate wood ceiling

The future loves minimalist designs, and this innovative ceiling gives a futuristic feel to the bedroom

minimalist designs

The illuminated ceiling panels add a lot of interesting character for the lounge area

illuminated ceiling panels

The understated grace of the ceiling creates lovely, soothing tones perfect for a comfortable living room

grace of the ceiling

The virtual island makes for an Alice in Wonderland feel in the dining area

dining area

Can’t get enough of eye-catching ceiling designs? Read the next part of this series.

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