Design Forecast: How Will Interior Design Look in 2020?

interior design trends 2020

An entire decade has gone by, and so did a whole collective age of interior design trends. How will this year be remembered in the world of architecture and interior design? What do these new trends speak of the current working population? Read on to find out.

How Will Interior Design Look Like in 2020?

Multifunctional spaces

Interior Design

In the last few years, open floor plans have become the standard for new homes and renovations, especially for kitchens and living rooms. This year, multiuse spaces will also become part of this evolution. It’s about less formality and more functionality. Your home office can be a guest room, your basement as a media room and home gym, your walk-in closet as a cozy reading nook, etc. Homeowners this year will be more intentional in making their spaces multifunctional to maximize rooms.


Interior Design

This generation of adults has been gravitating toward more eco-friendly lifestyles because of global warming scares. Due to frequent news stories of climate change and animal extinction, people are now more ecologically conscious and knowledgeable than ever before. The past few years, there has been an ethical component to the purchasing decisions of consumers. As consumers are thinking more long term because of ecological reasons, fewer yet more high-quality pieces will be the trend. This means that fast furniture and decor are on their way out. For this reason, there will also be a continued focus on handmade goods from small-time, independent, quality artists. People now prefer having a connection with the maker and seeking out companies and artists whose product has a story rather than mass-produced, low-quality items.

Bold shades on neutrals


While everyone stays earthy and eco-friendly, this year, bold shades are going to be popular as people deviate from the overused minimalist feel. The best way to embrace this trend is to sport the Pantone color of the year, which is classic blue. Neutral decor will be replaced by warm colors, saturated hues, and jewel tones. Remember how we brought up an Art Deco revival in Christmas decorations? Well, this trend will live on for the entire year. It’s the ’20s once again after all!


Due to the ever-increasing population growth in urban areas, the average millennial adult is often left with small apartments to move in. They also move more frequently than their parents. With so many of us opting to rent instead of buying a new home, portables are no longer limited to table and floor lamps. Portable appliances, fixtures, and decorations have been gaining ground to cater to the average working adult. Even renters can tailor a space with swag fixtures now. 

Old and new


Having a singular design scheme in one space won’t be a popular look in the next decade. For example, the boho look is becoming more refined and mixed with contemporary pieces and modern spaces are becoming warmer and mixed with vintage. Marrying vintage with modern isn’t new. In fact, the most recent vintage revivals have started since the 2010s in many aspects of art. In the Philippines particularly, the current generations have become more interested in their cultural roots and identity. Expect old-fashioned Filipino designs mixed with modern furniture.

Patterns and prints


From walls and ceilings to pillowcases and table tops, patterns—especially layered patterns—are becoming more prevalent. We’ll be seeing more pattern mixing with color tying together patterns of varying origin and scale. Pattern matching, where the same pattern flows from the wall to upholstered furniture or bedding, is also becoming more common.

Trend breakers

Not following trends is set to become a trend this 2020. Los Angeles–based interior designer Delta Wright says overall anything “uber-unique” will shine in the upcoming decade. We will see highly crafted, unusual materials meticulously featured in furnishings and architecture. Eye-catching items such as artistic rugs, onyx stones, and one-of-a-kind curtains are becoming a popular norm in households. People are beginning to design their homes to reflect their personalities and creating spaces that tell their story. 


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