20 Condo Design Ideas to Inspire You

Condo Design Ideas

Due to the increasing cost of land, people are building up instead of wide—and pads and condos are now the most common places to live. Unfortunately, condos have very limited spaces because they are smaller than a lot of houses and can get very expensive, so you have to be savvy about which condo design ideas you should follow.

This is why most condos have modern looks so that the owners can maximize space but not compromise design.

Condo Design Ideas

1. Pay attention to the carpeting and furniture 

carpeting and furniture

Here’s an example of a contemporary minimalist condo model with beige carpeting and furniture. Glass walls also help if your unit is on the upper floor of the building.

2. Make your dining area look stylish

Stylish Dining Area

Here’s another inspiration for you to have a stylish dining room. A chair in the corner area makes a good idea. The choice of color for hanging cabinet matches the brown hardwood floor.

3. Go for the bar-like concept

bar-like concept

Try the bar-like concept for your dining area, it saves space and makes the area look inviting. Lighting also plays a vital role in your design.

4. Know the trick on how to make your space look wide

Wide Lookin Space

A gray sofa is a match to the brown hard wood floor while white walls give that wide space illusion. These condo design ideas are favorable particularly to units with limited space.

5. Be wise and find a unique way to cover up for what your condo lacks

Clean Condo

This is a good example of a minimalist design. If the condo lacks opening, white walls and some white fixtures will do the trick.

6. Take advantage of white and beige hues

white and beige hues

Contemporary condo design ideas that use white walls and beige accents prove to be a good choice for many condo owners. Take advantage of the colors’ ability to make anything look elegant.

7. Make use of glass walls

glass walls

Glass walls for higher floor condo units allow natural lights to brighten the place.

8. Know which colors to mix and match

colors to mix and match

A trendy all-white room with ivory-colored furniture is so sleek. Its concept makes the place look spacious. Minimal decoration and less furniture are also noted.

9. Let out the creative side of you

Clean and White

An eclectic living room design with dark wood floor and white walls. The choice and placing of the decors and fittings are crucial too.

10. Go for a minimalist-style condo design

minimalist-style condo design

This is a good representation of the modern minimalist concept—beige floor and walls with black backdrop and minimum furniture.

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