Top Living Coral–Inspired Designs

Living Coral-Inspired Designs

Pantone has finally revealed the color of the year for 2019! Called the Pantone 16-1546 Living Coral, this year’s star color breathes life into any boring space, creating a lively atmosphere with its orange and pink hues. According to Pantone, the Living Coral’s engaging nature is the perfect response to how much social media and technology have been embedded into our daily routine. In today’s world where most interactions happen over the screen, we thirst for experiences that are genuine and immersive. Sociable and spirited, as Pantone would describe it, Living Coral makes every activity more immersive, enjoyable, and memorable.

And this 2019, what better way to channel Living Coral’s vibrancy than giving our house the upgrade it needs using Living Coral–inspired designs?

Living Coral–Inspired Designs You Shouldn’t Overlook This 2019

Even before it was named color of the year, Living Coral has already been popular among interior designers who are aware of the color’s ability to make any area look warmer and cozier. So if you are looking for fresh designs with this color for that long-planned home revamp, you don’t have to worry, as there are a lot of them. Here are some places with Living Coral–inspired designs you can incorporate into your own space.

1. Broadway Bakery

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Broadway Bakery

Using Living Coral adds a modern and tranquil vibe to any area, so when designers Lera Brumina and Artem Trigubchak were asked to design a Broadway Bakery in Ukraine, they made sure to utilize the color. To do so, they stationed coral seats, chandeliers, and counter-tops around the area. The Living Coral–colored seats and tables countered the warm color of the bread and pastries, making them look more sumptuous as ever. The Living Coral–painted walls, which feature different shades of pink and oranges, pastel cobalt blue, and metallic gold, also offered a much-needed contrast. The result is a design that looks straight out of a Wes Anderson film.

2. Hidden Tints

Hidden Tints

What Note Design Studio did to this century-old 200-square-meter space was magical. The complete transformation of the Stockholm office from a shabby room into a modern, minimalist home features pastel yellow and sage green hues. The team painted the walls with the 2019 Color of the Year and placed a coral armchair in the corner of the house. The design’s a bold of integrating the vibrant color into the originally light-colored home, but it came out pretty well. The added coral tone creates a punchy, standout impression alongside the other hues chosen for the interior.

3. Apartment in El Born

Apartment in El Born

An apartment in Spain underwent a total makeover to achieve a modern and stylish look. An Italian fashion guru sought Colombo and Serboli Architecture’s (CaSA) help to renovate the entire place. CaSA mostly used pastel pink tones but chose Living Coral for the kitchen and living area. The incorporation of the Living Coral did wonders to the originally pale space.

4. Suburban Canny

Suburban Canny

When Tribe Studio was hired to design Sydney’s Suburban Canny, they didn’t think twice about using the color of the year, especially in its toilet. And the result? A work of art that is simply one of the best Living Color–inspired designs out there.

There are three bathrooms in total in the area, each taking three different hues: blue, teal, and pink. The pink-colored bathroom uses Living Coral, which are visible in the storage compartment, walls, and mirror frame.

5. Waterfront Nikis Apartment

Waterfront Nikis Apartment

The seaside apartment Waterfront Nikis features a generous application of Living Coral across walls, doors, and wind frames. The mastermind behind the apartment’s design and the owner of the space is Stamatios Giannikis, an Architect from Greece. As the house has a bedroom that is directly facing the Mediterranean sea, the designer used it as an inspiration. To do it, he added coral hues, which cordial vibes perfectly complement the picture-perfect oceanic view.

As you can see, Living Coral works well with any hues. Its vibrant orange hue perfectly blends with strong colors such as teal and navy blue. So if a modern look that gives off warmth is what you’re aiming for your home, look no further than this list of Living Coral–inspired designs.

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