From Bolder Colors to Stunning Geometry: Living Room Trends for 2018

Living Room 2018 Interior Design

The year 2017 is officially coming to an end in just a few months. This means designers are putting their heads together to come up with the latest designs that are going to make it big in the coming year. Today, you will be introduced to the latest living room trends for 2018. Bold colors and an eclectic mix of textures dominate the design trends, giving your personal space that much-needed lively boost.

Style Radar: Living Room Trends for 2018

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Living Room 2018 Interior Design

Living Room Designs for 2018: Color Trends

It appears that the color trend will be making a subtle comeback in 2018. Color was notably absent in the market this year after more neutral shades were placed in the spotlight. Consumers have already started purchasing furniture pieces with bright and bold color palettes. Want to try doing this for your home? Let your imagination run wild with neon green tables, mustard yellow armchairs, and neon lamp shades. The key is to draw attention to the piece, which means you should be more careful so as not to overdo it. Take the example above, two mint green recliners adorn the living room to add a subtle yet modern touch.

2018 Sofa Design

Think of a picturesque location that you’ve been wanting to visit . . . and recreate this in your living room! Be sure to incorporate the beautiful and natural colors of the environment. For example, if your destination of choice is the lavender fields in Luberon, France, then try contrasting a bright lavender couch to a burnt orange wall to mimic the fields during a sunset.

2018 Living Room Trends

Pastel shades are also becoming a huge part of the home trends for 2018! It will surely be refreshing to see more pops of colors compared to the overflow of gray hues this year.

Living Room 2018

Living Room Trends for 2018: Furniture, Texture, and Accessories

Disco fever is set to hit furniture designs for 2018. The retro looks of the ’40s and ’70s are given an upgrade with flowing lines and textiles reigning supreme. Art Nouveau patterns are going to be present in living room designs as well.

Living Room 2018 Trends

Geometrical patterns (like cages) will be present in most stylish homes next year as well as textured ones. But another intriguing design trend worth exploring for 2018 is the Baroque style used by Vienna salons during the late twentieth century. Use rich material compositions like velvet, highlight in satin gold, and copper to adorn dark wood furniture.

Living Room 2018 Interior Design Trends

Geometrical shapes made of glass should also make a splash in 2018.

2018 Living Room Designs

Living room designs for 2018 are literally shooting for the stars with these cosmic-inspired designs that mimic the surface of Mars. It appears on lamps, rugs, and even tables.

2018 House Interior Designs

Speaking of rugs, choose a material that blends into the floor surface. Stay away from black and opt for textured, cool-tone rugs instead.

Living Room 2018 Floor Designs

If you’re lucky enough to live in a big space, then use it as an opportunity to get creative. Dividers are a wonderful way to liven up the tone of any room. Textile installations and ceramics are a great deviation from wood to use as a divider. You may also use the furniture available at home. Alternatively, large sofas and tables make convenient dividers when you want to create dimension in the room.

Living Room Dividers 2018

Living Room Interior Designs 2018

Small and not-so-small details should not be overlooked. Lamps have become an important addition to any space of the home these days. Lamps made of brass, matte metals, and satin gold should grow in popularity by 2018.

Lamps-Living Room 2018 Interior Design

Hope you got some trendy design ideas from this list! Don’t forget to share this post to help others learn more about the latest and most elegant living room trends for 2018.

2018 Living Room Interior Design Trends

Interior Design 2018

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