The Most Pleasing Living Room Wall Colors to Impress Guests

Wherever you go around the world, you will be surprised at how everyone thinks Filipinos are too hospitable. Foreigners who come to visit the Philippines speak of Filipinos going out of their way to help them when lost, or Filipino families hosting a visitor in their poverty-stricken home and still making them comfortable in the living room. Are we really that kind to strangers?

Apparently, yes, we are, even before we became hispanized. It is a trait that runs through our blood, handed down by our ancestors when we welcomed foreign settlers to our lands and traded local goods with them despite physical and cultural differences. Today, when guests arrive in Filipino homes, they are offered whatever is being served during meals. Most of the time, even a new meal is prepared to the liking of the visitor. The Filipino hospitality is best exemplified in regard to foreign guests, who are treated with the utmost respect.

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So if you were to ask which part of the house Filipino families frequent the most, the obvious answer would be the living room (or sala, as most Filipinos prefer to call it). Aside from being the area where homeowners welcome and entertain guests, it is also the very space where families come together for either a chat, lounge session, or television time together. And this is the very reason why every Filipino sala needs to combine three things: style, space, and comfort. As a Filipino, how do you make sure your guests are pleased the moment they step in, especially when they unexpectedly come over?

The Most Fabulous Color for Your Filipino Living Room

While the sala is not the most intimate room in a home, special attention to its design is still important. Being the place where we welcome and entertain guests, this is the room that gives our visitors a glimpse into who we are and how we live. Here are the best colors to welcome visitors with.

Minimalist white  (most used for living rooms in small houses)

If you wish to maximize space of a small living room, use sheer white. Apply the clean and minimalist color on everything including walls, furniture, and curtains. This will allow full light and radiance to penetrate throughout your 15-square meter living room, making it look more spacious than it actually is. However, white can be a boring color for some. To give the room more personality, a very simple and effective way is to decorate the plain walls with paintings or wall stickers. This will allow your room to reflect light effectively without leaving the walls completely bland.


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Another way to utilize white in your room is to paint one side of the walls gray and add a bit of black as accent to give depth. The stylish contrast between white and dark and light gray creates a youthful and elegant vibe in any home. Then select furniture with similar colors to create a clean and balanced environment. If you wish to add color, give pops and hints of it in furniture or house decor like the lamp or cushions.

Navy blue

Quite a lot of people love blue because of how the color positively affects your state of mind. But how would navy look on your walls? We are completely aware how dark shades shrink space. The trick lies in your choice of colors for your living room fixtures, furniture, and decor. To complement navy, opt for those in white or light neutral tones. Decorate the room with a clean, minimalist style. The result will surprise you!


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Yet another shade of blue, but this time along with a tone of green to bring out a sense of naturalness and freshness, turquoise exudes memories of the beauty of the ocean and the sky to the room. Accentuate this main shade with any of the following: moss green, white, dandelion, beige, orange, or cream. You’ll be welcoming guests to a little paradise of summer, modernity, or nostalgia.


Another brilliant way to create an illusion of space is texture. It is a useful design element when you are in search of creative ways to perk up a dated or boring room. It is also a practical approach, thanks to its affordability and ease of installation. Faux wood wallpapers are a great choice. They not only enlarge space, but give the room a touch of warmth as well. The look of tile or brick, on the other hand, adds a rustic touch. The right surface and combination of light colors can add a feeling of space. To avoid too much saturation in the room, it is suggested to use neutral colors on the rest of the walls.


One foolproof way for decorating your living room is using neutrals for wall color. If you are going for an all-neutral look, layer different hues of the same color for a classy and sophisticated feel. Choose a lighter shade for the walls, then opt for darker upholstery. Choose a rug in a color that complements a wooden flooring but also is just a shade darker than the walls so the furniture stands out. Pick the same color if you prefer carpeting. Neutral wall colors such as tan, taupe, and beige also allow some architectural details to take the center stage. Neutrals also look lovely with indoor plants for that earthy look!



Because of their sleepy brightness, pastel colors can give greater comfort and tranquility to the living room. That pleasant feeling is the culprit for which designers increasingly encourage their clients to insert these colors in the living room. Pastel colors, with their softness and neutrality, will rest your eyes and give your space a light and shine. Designers believe that they do not always produce a monotonous and “very bright” interior. When properly combined, they are usually enough for the living room to become attractive.

Certain shades of a pastel blue enhances positivity and relaxation, making it an ideal color for the living room. A very pale pink or lavender gives off a youthful vibe. A watered-down lemon pairs well with wood. Mint is another interior designer favorite. It’s fresh and soft and offers a great alternative for white decor. The shade of green undoubtedly also makes the room feel alive and energetic.

A Final Word

Make first impressions, visits, and even sleepovers memorable in your home with these fail-safe colors. With the proper planning, sense of ambition, and persistence, everyone can create a living room that is absolutely perfect for your home.

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