Scariest ‘Magandang Gabi, Bayan’ Stories That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

Scariest Halloween Stories

Magandang Gabi, Bayan may have stopped gracing the small screen in 2005, but the stories it shared will forever be etched on every Filipino’s memory, most particularly those that were told during the Halloween.

Magandang Gabi, Bayan (literally Good Evening, Nation) was a weekend TV show anchored by distinguished journalist “Kabayan” Noli de Castro. The long-running news magazine program tackled a variety of subjects, but every time October would reach its end and November was just around the corner, what most viewers were highly anticipating was MGB‘s segment about the most spine-tingling and scariest Halloween stories shared by people from all around the country.

Magandang Gabi, Bayan‘s Halloween specials have become part of every Filipino’s undas (All Saints’ Day). While the episodes were nightmare-inducing and left the viewers trembling with fear, it couldn’t be denied that they were worth sitting through.

From the lost spirits of those who tragically died during the Second World War to the ghosts of a family that were killed in a massacre, here are the scariest Halloween stories ever shared on Magandang Gabi, Bayan that scared the wits out of every Pinoy.

Scariest Halloween Stories Told on ‘Magandang Gabi, Bayan’

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Campus Horror

For some reason, schools have always been a favorite spot of ghosts. What with their history of being once the headquarters or command post of soldiers involved in a war. The institution on which this MGB episode is a concrete example.
University of the Philippines–Los Baños is one of the oldest institutions in the Philippines, having been built in 1909. It was a witness to historical events that tragically left a lot of people dead, particularly the World War II. One area in the school that is believed to be haunted is the campus’s Baker Hall, which can be found in the part of the campus that was once a concentration camp. The school’s chapel too is home to several apparitions, especially that of an old woman.

MGB‘s “Campus Horror” episode invites current students and alumni to tell their own experience of seeing ghosts around one of the country’s most prestigious universities.

Multo sa Dormitoryo

Why ghosts love to bother students, nobody knows, but one thing’s for certain, every time they appear before their eyes, they leave no room for escape.

Definitely one of the scariest Halloween stories the show has ever told, “Multo sa Dormitoryo” [Ghost at the Dormitory] is about sightings of different yet equally terrifying apparitions around an old dormitory in Baguio City. One student even shares details about that one night where a spirit of an old lady visited her in her room and climbed on top of her, leaving her haunted for life.

Multo sa Manila Film Center

Manila Film Center is  definitely one of the most haunted places in Manila that a lot of people agree on. It is said to be a home to spirits of the deceased who are seemingly seeking justice.

Constructed in 1981, Manila Film Center was part of then-first lady Imelda Marcos’s plan to hold the first international festival in the country. Hoping to turn the Philippines into the Cannes of Asia, she wanted the venue for the film fest to be grand. However, there were sudden changes in building plans, which led to long delays, and as a result, completion was rushed to meet certain deadlines.

Although it does look grandiose on the outside, what present visitors of the Manila Film Center don’t know is its dark past that many have chosen to forget. It was November 18, 1981, when a part of the building collapsed, causing at least 169 workers to fall and get buried under quick-drying. No immediate medical assistance was given. Ambulances and rescuers were allowed on the site nine long hours after the collapse.

The accident resulted in many many deaths. There is no accurate record, however, of the exact number of fatalities. What people have recorded instead are apparitions of the workers who died a tragic death on the site. To this day, the film center and its secret would continue to leave people in fear and sightings of apparitions in the area will for a long time remain as one of the scariest Halloween stories ever told.

Lahing Aswang

“Lahing Aswang” tells the story of a woman who saw a scary-looking figure, which she believed was an aswang. Little did she know, the creature she feared was actually her relative.

Bahay sa Tanay

Tanay, Rizal, is famous for its tourist spots including the Regina Rica and the Calinawan Cave, which people flock to during summer. But this is not the only thing that makes the place popular. When Halloween season kicks in, stories about ghosts that haunt the municipality come to light.

“Ang Bahay sa Tanay” centers on one of these frequently shared and scariest Halloween stories. It is about a haunted house that has seemingly become the home of the spirits of four people, two men and two women. In this episode, the house’s current caretaker shares her experience of seeing the apparitions that she said would not only appear before her but would follow her around the house. When she asked about the history of the property she’s looking after, the custodian found out that the house’s first caretakers lost their lives in a gruesome massacre, which explains why they would always appear as if they were asking for help.

Kababalaghan sa Aklan

What haunts Aklan is not a white lady or a headless man. People in the province are tormented by what they believe are manananggal and aswang, two out-of-this-world and monstrous creatures that are part of Filipino folklore and are often the center of some of the scariest Halloween stories.

White Lady ng Loakan

When you look up Loakan Road on the Web, the top results would be stories about the white lady that keeps haunting the residents and tourists of this area in Baguio City. Several accounts have it that the ghost of the woman, whom people describe as beautiful with a weirdly sweet smell and soft voice, would grace the road and stop passing cars.

MGB‘s “White Lady ng Loakan” episode digs deeper into the past of the said lady, who she really is, how she died, and the real reason why she can’t seem to leave the place.

Mga Kaluluwang Gala sa GSIS Village

If it’s not just a house but a subdivision that’s haunted, you know that it’s a whole different story.

In “Mga Kaluluwang Gala sa GSIS Village,” residents narrate the times they saw ghosts of a lady in red, a woman in white, and another in black with a veil covering her face.

Demonyo sa Sementeryo

Magandang Gabi, Bayan was not the type to focus on ghosts alone when it came to their Halloween specials. It also featured events that, although did not involve ghosts, were still as strange and creepy as the stories about apparitions. One episode featured a person who asked to have a statue of the devil built atop his grave. Most people would have wanted to have an angel guard their resting place, but this man wanted to be different for a reason no one really knew.


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