Milan Furniture Fair Unveils The Latest Design Trends for 2018

Biggest Design Trends for 2018

For anyone who is fervently in love with interior designs, you probably have seen photos of the Milan Furniture Fair (Salone del Mobile Milan) already. The event reached another milestone last 2017 after it celebrated its 56th year in the business. As expected, the biggest names in the furniture industry flocked to showcase the latest designs trends of the year.

Lauren Li of Melbourne-based Sisällä Interior Design was one the attendees at the 2017 Milan Furniture Fair.

“Some exhibitions don’t even show any furniture at all, such as the touchable white bubbles filled with a puff of smoke at the COS x Studio Swine show,” Li says.

Back in 2008, the star of the international furniture fair was a carpet called Global Warming. The eye-opening design featured a tiny polar bear stranded on an ice floe in the middle of the fuzzy blue ocean. The bear made a comeback nine years later, but this time it was found sleeping peacefully on an oversized couch.

Other than statement pieces, find out which designs trends from the 2017 Milan Furniture Fair managed to set the tone for 2018.

2018 Design Trends from the Milan Furniture Fair

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2018 Color Trends

Warm and earthy colors were all the rage during the fair. It is a refreshingly new and different take from the minimal palette seen in previous seasons. The most popular shades showcased at the show were watermelon red, emerald green, and black forest.

“Tones of sienna, tan, terracotta through to stronger rust and russet were used all over on walls in rooms, as well as furniture and accent decor objects,” Li says.

“[Watermelon red] was seen all over Milan including at the Dimore Gallery space, which was perhaps the most Instagrammed part of the fair,” she adds.

“The Visit” by Studiopepe was truly one of the highlights of the event. It was an immersive look into early 1800s Milanese apartment, where a mix of terracotta, peach, pink, and green adorned the furnishings and walls.


Kitchens for 2018

Marble was the material of choice during the Milan Furniture Fair. However, it was given a much-needed update. The marble in kitchens now looks more minimalistic when mixed with the green and brown.

“Instead we saw green and brown marble used. Gone is the 40 or 60 mm thick stone bench. Marble benchtops were as thin as possible, often using a shark-nose profile to appear to float over the cabinets. Sometimes the edge wasn’t visible at all, with the bench sunken into the cabinetry,” Li says.

All-black kitchens were also a popular feature during the fair, with chic black cabinetry or bold color walls making a splash among designers. “Black is the new white. Black was used in metal, painted wood, and stone—even the kitchen sink is black,” Li says.

Finally, the trend of concealing storage areas took a 360-degree dive this season. Designs now opt for cabinets with glass doors and open shelf racks to show off tableware. Follow the latest kitchen design trends to achieve the desired look for yours!

“The latest collection by Vincent Van Duysen for When Objects Work featured earthy colors in terracotta, glazed ceramic, glass and wood finishes. You would want to show them off,” Li says.

Living rooms

Wallpaper is a trend that has cemented itself as an important part of every home for decades. There is a wide variety of wallpaper colors and styles to choose from, but this will all depend on the area of the house. For living rooms, non-woven papers and fabrics are a perfect choice. As for its design, Li shares that “geometric” or “organic” patterns are in this year.

“The key trends are either geometric or organic. Geometric designs take cues from the Memphis style with dashes and stripes like the Weft Collection at Texturae (which are similar to Greg Natale for Porter’s Paints),” Li says.

Organic styles, on the other hand, comprise of soft water color marks or paint splotches, similar to the wallpapers by Martyn Thompson.

“These tend to be easier to live with, as they form a softer backdrop than bold geometric designs. Stay away from floral or damask designs,” Li adds.


Furniture Design for 2018

Supersized sofas don’t just make great centerpieces, they’re also comfortable enough to give homeowners a hundred ways to hibernate. These unusual shapes aren’t just confined in homes, but they’re also showing up in offices.

Milan Furniture Fair showcased a number of these puffy and plump shapes.

“A favorite was an interesting sofa Isla designed by Note for Sancal. It is almost like a daybed platform, with a backrest which divides the seating into three parts,” Li says.


Bathroom Trend Design

Color is taking over bathrooms this season, with mixes of beige and blue overtaking basins, floor tiles, and toilets.

“We saw colours such as soft plum, dusty blue, dark green, beige, brown and charcoal by Cielo,” Li says.

These colors let a basin blend into a dark and moody bathroom without the contrast of the usual white.

“If budget is no problem, then a bath cut entirely out of a slab of brown or black stone seen at Boffi and Agape is a knockout,” Li says.

Although showcased at the Milan Furniture Fair in Italy, such distance should not hinder you from trying these design ideas at your very own Filipino home. After all, nobody said that what’s trending in another country should stay in that country. Beautifying your abode knows no limits, and may you as a homeowner always remember that this 2018.

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