Home Remodeling Guide: Modern Balcony Designs

Modern Balcony Designs

If putting up a modern terrace is such a radical overhaul for your home, you can always opt in for a subtler substitute that still offers a view of the outdoors—a balcony. Especially when you have a small space and your home doesn’t really have a rooftop, a balcony is a better option.

Adding a balcony is not too much of a revamp. All you need to know is a good design that will complement the whole feel of your house. If you don’t know your options, worry not, we will lay down some for you to choose from.

10 Awesome Modern Balcony Designs for Your Home

A balcony is a perfect spot to read your favorite books or have small talks with friends. And if you need some convincing—or are already planning—to get one, here’s a list of modern balcony designs you can take inspiration from.

Seaside balcony

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Seaside Balcony

If your house is situated along the coast, a seaside one is one of the best modern balcony designs for your home. This allows a panoramic view of the ocean and sky, and lets you enjoy the setting and rising of the sun, as well as the stars and moon at night. Make sure to use rattan pieces of furniture with blue-tone upholsters to complement the whole beachy aura.

Santorini balcony

Santorini Balcony

Santorini-inspired modern balcony designs are super easy to achieve since you just need to set up a white-and-blue-themed space. The entire balcony may be painted with white and the furniture sets are blue, so long as you stick to the motif. If you want some contrasts, you can also use wooden chairs and tables, and place some lush small plants.

Confined-space balcony

Confined Space Balcony

If you have a tiny space, don’t worry! You can still make use of it and put up a mini balcony. Make sure to use neutral colors for your furniture set, as this can make the area appear larger than its actual size.

Balcony with glass railing

Balcony with Glass Railing

Balcony with glass railing creates an illusion that seemingly stretches the length of the area. Plus, this design is simple yet sophisticated enough to make you feel you are on a balcony of a multimillion-dollar home. Don’t forget to enhance the place by using soft-colored couches, throw pillows, and table sets.

Rustic balcony

Rustic Balcony

Rustic modern balcony designs are the perfect one for nature lovers. The wooden railing and pieces of furniture add to the already-cozy atmosphere brought about by the lush green surroundings. It’s a simple design, but you can set it off with pot plants, vivid-hued pillows and accessories, and a fireplace.

Light-hued balcony

Light Hued Balcony

If you fancy minimalist balcony designs, a blanch-hued balcony suits you best! This style uses pale-hued coral furniture sets and accessories, which create a simplistic overall look. Be sure to use leather-fabric or metal fixtures instead of soft textile sets so you spend less time in cleaning the area.

Balcony dining area

Balcony Dining Area

Modern balcony designs can even double as a dining area; you just have to make use of the little or big space you have and place a dining table set with a size that is proportionate to your balcony’s space. In terms of the fixtures and accessories you should use, it’s totally up to you! The dining table is the most important fixture here.

Nature-inspired balcony

Nature Inspired Balcony

A balcony is somewhere in the middle of indoors and outdoors, which means the sun can still gleam on the plants you are planning to place there. You can set up an archway creeper or a vertical garden to achieve an earthy mood and a distinct presentation. Then add wooden or native fixtures and rustic accessories.

Balcony with a swing

Balcony with a Swing

If you have a tight space allotted for your balcony, you can replace the enormous sets of furniture with a swing and other small-size fixtures. By doing so, you can maximize the little area you have and transform it into a beautiful space for relaxation. You can even construct a small vertical garden right behind the swing.

Bookshelf balcony

Bookshelf Balcony

It is every bookworm’s dream to have a well-designed mini-library. But if you don’t have enough space inside your home, why not take it outside? Yes, you can certainly erect a bookshelf on your balcony! Just remember to place a chair adjacent to it so it’s easy for you to grab a book while enjoying a cup of hot coffee.

These are just a few of the modern balcony designs you can incorporate into your own home. Of course, you can always mix and match the aforementioned designs depending on your preference.

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