Home Remodeling Guide: Modern Terrace Designs

Modern Terrace Designs

A terrace is the perfect place to be for that relaxing panoramic view of the surrounding, which is probably why it’s everybody’s go-to spot if they just want to chill. It’s where you read your favorite books, browse through lifestyle magazines, or contemplate your very existence while sipping the hot coffee you made. It’s also a cozy outdoor reception to host a small get-together with friends.

If you have a flat rooftop, it’s very easy to transform it into a beautiful terrace. What you need are the following: robust furniture, throw pillows, and warm lighting. Your terrace’s style can be highlighted using extra accessories like candle lamps, carpets, and plant pots, along with other stuff, mixed with contemporary color palettes.

Don’t worry if you can’t picture it yet. To help you get started, we prepared a list of modern terrace designs you can take inspirations from as you revamp your plain-looking rooftop into a functional part of your home.

10 Modern Terrace Designs for Your Next Rooftop Revamp

Every modern house has a beautiful terrace; it’s about time that you get yourself this much-deserved spot in your home too. Here are modern terrace designs you can use for your roof deck renovation.

Nature-inspired terrace

Nature lovers will love a nature-inspired bathroom, more so a nature-themed terrace. This one’s easy to do: opt for wooden furniture and complement it with pillows, carpets, and other accessories of earthy shades, and don’t forget to add some greens! You can go for small flower plants or large potted trees, these will both suit your roof deck. Better yet, store and grow your herb garden on your terrace.

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Nature-Inspired Terrace

Multifunctional terrace

If you have enough space, consider adding two different functional areas: one for lounging and one for dining. You can even add a recreational space, where you can place a karaoke machine, play board games, or enjoy a beer pong. This way, your guests are entertained at all times.

Multifunctional Terrace

Terrace with a bed space

Why head downstairs for that much-needed nap when you can do it on your rooftop right after you read your favorite novel? There’s really no reason not to include a bed for when you feel like sleeping.

Terrace with a Bed Space

Open area

A clear panoramic view of the surrounding is best achieved when you choose an open area terrace. The area blends well with minimalist designs; to do that, use furniture and accessories with simple styles and monochromatic tones. This way, you set the focus on the environment, not on your terrace’s layout.

Open Area

Enclosed space

If you want a terrace where you can enjoy a little privacy, you can grow a hedge around it. You can even use a collapsible enclosure so you have the option to remove it whenever you want to see the cityscape.

Enclosed Space

Terrace with parquet flooring

Having a parquet flooring makes one of the best modern terrace designs. The wooden blocks arranged in a geometric pattern can make your terrace appear large. Other than that, it creates a warm vibe from dawn till dusk that will make you want to just stay there forever!

Parquet Flooring

Grey motif terrace

An all-grey motif always brings out a modern and contemporary atmosphere to any space, particularly your terrace. For your flooring, use dark grey marble tiles or ash-painted wooden blocks, then pair it with pearl-grey furniture and accessories.

Grey Motif Terrace

Terrace with infinity pool

You’ll instantly feel like you’re at a luxury hotel when you add an infinity pool on your rooftop. However, the design itself is costly, not to mention the professional fees you’d have to pay the experts to help you achieve this. But if you can afford a grand terrace, then why not? After all, it’s for your home’s improvement.

Terrace with Infinity Pool

Terrace with fireplace

A terrace with a fireplace is an ideal place to lounge at, especially during cold nights. Plus, the natural light from the furnace will add a warm, cozy, and mellow feeling to your roof deck.

Terrace with Fireplace

Terrace using indigenous materials

An economical terrace is not a bad thing; it’s even a perfect opportunity to touch base with your roots by using materials native to your place. Don’t worry since modern terrace designs are still achievable with pieces of furniture and accessories made out of bamboo, old wood, and weaved abacá or rattan.

Indigenous Materials

In the end, your personal taste matters, regardless if it’s modern or traditional, classic or retro. So long as you feel good with the design you picked, your terrace will be perfect!

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