Home Remodeling Guide: Modern Wooden House Designs

Wooden House Designs

The Philippines is a tropical country, which means that a wooden house that offers a cool resting area makes the perfect abode, given the climate. Plus, the abundance of timber in the country makes wooden house designs affordable and achievable.

Planning to build one? Here are some suggestions.

10 Wooden House Designs Perfect for those in Tropical Regions

Whether you are constructing a new house or doing a home-remodeling, this list of wooden house designs will surely give you fresh ideas for your home.

1. Dome Home

Dome wooden house designs have circular bases with round wooden exteriors extending to the roof. The house can be made with two or more stories, depending on the dome’s size. Don’t forget to carve out windows to let some natural light in.

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Dome Home

2. Gabled-Roof House

A gabled house is a classic favorite that never goes out of style. This house design is perfect for those who like to maximize the space; the gabled part can be used as an attic, a bedroom, or a storage area.

Gabled-Roof House

3. Cordwood Exterior

A stack of cordwood or firewood, cut in equal sizes, makes a great exterior. With few transparent windows and warm lighting, any house will look like a gigantic fireplace, especially at night.

Cordwood Exterior

4. Modern Tree House

Relive the sweet childhood memories inside this modern tree house. Place transom door windows in at least two walls so you get the best view of nature from above. It’s also the perfect They are also the perfect spot to add a nature-inspired bathroom.

Modern Tree House

Tree House Interior

5. Staggered Blocks

Block-like wooden structures are assembled with overlapping designs. These wooden house designs show off a modern vibe, even more so when they are painted with monochromatic colors.

Staggered Blocks

6. Black-Painted Wooden Home

Ordinary wooden houses can always be revamped to achieve a modern look with just a slight modification: coat the exteriors with black paint. Also, use tinted casement windows to add more sophistication to the design.

Black-Painted Wooden Home

7. A-Frame House

It is easy to achieve a pyramid-shaped wooden house design; it doesn’t use a lot of materials to build the body frame and exteriors. However, this design will surely leave a limited indoor space, which makes it an unsuitable design for larger families.

A-Frame House

8. Quonset Hut House

Quonset huts are wooden semicircular structures that resemble dome houses, except they have parallel flat surfaces. With warm lighting, light-colored paint, and parquet flooring, Quonset huts can turn into modern abodes.

Quonset Hut House

9. Single-Story Wooden House with Flat Roof

Single-story flat-roofed homes exude a simple yet modern design, perfect for minimalists. Houses with this design use woods to form the base, walls, and roofing, and usually add full-view windows to achieve a panorama.

Single-Story Wooden House with Flat Roof

10. Gothic Arch

Gothic arch houses adopt a design that is quite similar to Quonset huts, with the exception of their pointed roof arches. They usually have matching arched windows or awning windows, but you can always be creative depending on the overall style you want to achieve.

Gothic Arch

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