Montecruz Beach Resort: Perfect Place to Spend Your Vacation

Montecruz Beach Resort Perfect Place to Spend Your Vacation

If you’re looking for a nice and affordable beach getaway near Manila, go to Montecruz Beach Resort. The said beach resort is located in San Felipe, Zambales, just a few hours away from the busiest city in the country.

Beach In Zambales

The place is affordable and very ideal for big groups. If you worry that you might run out of fun things to do here, you’re wrong. There are lots of activities you and your friends can enjoy. Swimming, kayaking, ATV riding, and everyone’s favorite, the karaoke singing.

And if you think those activities are not enough to keep you entertained during your stay in Montecruz Beach Resort, you can approach the resort manager so they can arrange a boat and you can go island hopping within the islands of Zambales.

Montecruz Beach Resort

What You Can Find in Montecruz Beach Resort

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As for the accommodation, they have kubo cottages (which don’t have beds) and air-conditioned rooms that are big enough for eight persons. The downside is, they don’t provide free toiletries, so you have to bring your own towels. If you need extra bed, you can request for one but with an additional charge.

While their air-conditioned rooms and cottages have their own bathrooms and showers, you can also find other shower rooms and toilets within the resort area, which are very convenient for guests who might experience emergencies while outside their rooms.

Nipa Hut In Resort

Another good point for the resort is that you can rent their kitchen so you can cook your own food, an advantage for those who have limited budget. You can even ask the caretaker to wake you up early so you can buy the freshest catch of the day—that is if you can manage to wake up as early as 5:00 a.m because it’s around that time that fishermen go home straight from fishing.

Or instead of sacrificing silently by eating inedible—you know bland and burned—foods, which is most likely to happen when no one in your group knows how to cook, you can send a request for meals to the resort manager instead.

Paddle Boat

They also have a lagoon where you can ride a boat and kayak.

There’s a spacious pavilion too, ideal place to hold meetings or set the karaoke.

All-Terrain Vehicle

You can rent their ATV to go around the beach.

Team Building Activity

Rope Web

Generally, the place is ideal to have a team building activity.

Visit their website or their Facebook page to book a reservation now.

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