Must-Try Traditional Pinoy Food to Challenge Your Palate: Part 2

Must-Try Traditional Pinoy Food

Eight of these delicious treats were discussed in the first part of this article. But we can’t get enough of them, we’re back with more mouthwatering offers. There are just too many must-try traditional Pinoy food we can talk about. They are one of the things that define us Filipinos, and it’s just right for us to share them to our foreign guests as a way of giving them a part of us.

Here is another list of must-try traditional Pinoy food everyone will love.

Must-Try Traditional Pinoy Food for Everyone

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This steamed rice cake is best for breakfast, topped with butter, coconut, or cheese. Don’t worry about where you could find them though, vendors peddle them on the street, yelling “puto!”

Price: ₱5–₱10 ($0.10)

Tinolang Manok

Tinolang Manok

Usually served during lunch or supper, tinolang manok is that one must-try traditional Filipino dish Pinoys will always go back to even if they have tasted a lot of other delicious dishes. And it’s safe to say that it’s a staple in every real Pinoy meal. Also called chicken ginger stew, tinola manok is cooked by boiling chicken that is sautéed in ginger. Add some spices and vegetables, usually papaya, and you’ll get the exact taste you need.

Price: for a kilo of chicken, the whole recipe would usually cost around ₱250 ($5)



Lechon is a whole pig roasted over charcoal. It serves both as a treat for family celebrations and the centerpiece of the table.

Pro tip: don’t worry about etiquette, eat this with your hands, it tastes even better

Price: ₱50–₱1000, if sold on stalls, whole pigs are more expensive ($1–$10)

Lumpiang Shanghai

Lumpiang Shanghai

If you’re wondering what fried spring rolls are doing on a Filipino menu, it’s because the Chinese and Filipinos have traded and bartered way before Ferdinand Magellan discovered the Philippines in 1524, so the Chinese culture is heavily embedded in Filipino traditions as well.

Price: ₱5–₱10 ($0.10)



Tinapa is basically fish preserved through the smoking. It’s famous among the people in the province, but of course, those in rural areas can’t get enough of this native delicacy either. It goes well with hot rice and a some glasses of cold drinks.

Price: ₱60–₱100 ($1–$2)

Rellenong Bangus

Rellenong Bangus

Rellenong bangus or stuffed milkfish is another must-try traditional Pinoy food that has always been a top favorite. If you get the chance to visit the Philippines, you should have a taste of this dish before you go back to your home country. Cooking rellenong bangus is pretty tedious, from deboning the fish to stuffing spices and other ingredients in, but the result is something everyone will love.

Price: ₱80–₱100 ($2)



Filipinos love their tilapia stuffed with tomatoes and veggies. It is very abundant in the country, which is why it is a lot cheaper here than anywhere else on the planet.

Price: ₱80–₱100 ($2)

Watch the video below

Watch the videos below




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