Home Remodeling Guide: Nature-Inspired Bathroom Designs

Nature-Inspired Bathroom Designs

Everybody will agree, the bathroom may not be the biggest area in the house, but it can be the most personal. It’s where you athe, defecare, change your clothes, or basically just prepare for the day ahead; but it’s also where you lock yourself in when you need to cry, think, or just want to be alone, away from other breathing living being.

Needless to say, your bathroom holds a special place not just in your home but also in your heart. So it’s only right that you pay attention to it. Take the time to give it the revamp it deserves. You don’t want to spend an hour in a room that is as shabby looking as your great-great-grandma’s century-old mirror.

You can make it look as modern as the other parts of the house, like an office lounge or a Wes Anderson movie–inspired space. But nothing is as cozy as someplace that makes you one with nature, is there? If you agree and would like to turn your toilet into a paradise, there are nature-inspired bathroom designs you can take inspiration from.

10 Beautiful Nature-Inspired Bathroom Designs

Peaceful, soothing, and comfortable ambiance—that’s what a perfect bathroom has. Good thing, you can get that same feeling with these nature-inspired bathroom designs.

1. Cobbled bathroom

Have the walls of your bathroom all cobbled and you’ll instantly feel like you’re inside a cave—except it’s well-lighted and bat-free. Throw in some golden lights to give your bathroom that warm feeling.

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Cobbled Bathroom

2. Cylinder bathroom

Ditch the standard square-shape toilet room; go for cylinder-like space to achieve a unique, stylish, and modern design. Be sure to let some sunlight in by assembling a window at the center. Then add small potted plants by the window.

Cylinder Bathroom

3. Tranquil wooden bathroom

Achieve a warm vibe by using a set of dark-toned woods like walnut, red mahogany, and espresso, for the bathroom walls. You can also try putting a large window on one side, where you can get the best view of the trees outside. Then put a white marble tub on one side.

Tranquil Wooden Bathroom

4. Glasshouse bathroom

Glasshouse is one of the best nature-inspired bathroom designs you can apply to your own. Just imagine placing your bathroom essentials (ie. sink, bathtub, or shower) in a greenhouse filled with faunas. Isn’t that perfect?

Glasshouse Bathroom

5. In-ground tubs

You are closest to nature when you place an in-ground tub inside your bathroom. You can use dark-hued wood for the flooring and wall structure. Cream-colored tiles, marble stones, and graphite blocks are good alternatives too.

In-Ground Tubs

6. Greystone bathroom

Search it online, you’ll find hundreds of beautiful nature-inspired bathroom designs that have a grey motif. That’s because monochromatic bathrooms are timeless pieces, which ooze a luxurious mood to the already-cozy space. You can also place potted palms inside.

Greystone Bathroom

7. Waterfall bathroom

Stop chasing waterfalls—literally! Instead, create one inside your bathroom. To do that, you can mount a shower on the canopy and complete the look with a cobbled floor, walls, and sink area.

Waterfall Bathroom

8. Bamboo bathroom

A homey atmosphere will make you want to spend more time inside the bathroom; a bamboo motif will do that trick! Achieve a seamless flooring by using light brown bamboo, then use an oddly shaped sink and toilet for unique and attention-grabbing aesthetics.

Bamboo Bathroom

9. Rustic bathroom

A bathroom with wooden walls, ceiling, and countertops exudes a countryside, rustic, and simple mood. Complement the timber interiors with two lampshades on each counter’s side and a grey stone sink.

Rustic Bathroom

10. Earthy tones and plants

Nature-inspired bathroom designs aren’t tricky and complicated since you can actually use different materials. You can always bring nature closer to you as long as you stick with earthy tones. Plus, potted plants are good accessories to accentuate the overall look.

Earthy Tones and Plants

Now that you have fresh ideas in store, you can now start remodeling your space with these ten nature-inspired bathroom designs.

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