It’s October: Festivals Around the Philippines to Be Excited About

The Philippines is one of the countries with the most number of festivals in the world. The feasts in a single month alone will show you just how many there are in a year. A little over a week into October and there have been over thirty festivals that have gone by!

If you are meaning to witness the diversity of cultures thriving in the barangays, towns, cities, and provinces in the Philippines this month, here are the countless other chances that October can offer you.

October Festivals Around the Philippines to Choose From

Fiestang Kuliat

When: Entire October

Where: Angeles City

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Fiestang Kuliat is the longest feast in the country. Celebrated during the whole month of October, the feast venerates the patron saints of the city and preserves local culture and tradition through its festivities, activities, parties, traditional games, and pageants. The feast also celebrates the resiliency of the Kapampangans after the devastating Mount Pinatubo eruption in 1991.

One of the things that make the Fiestang Kuliat unique is that the month-long celebration encompasses three feast days: 

  • the Feast of the Holy Guardian Angels (held every first week of October) 
  • La Naval Festival in honor of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary whose intercession saw the victory of the Spanish felt over the Dutch invaders (every second Sunday of October)
  • Fiestang Apo in honor of Apu Mamacalulu (every last Friday of October)

Fiestang Kuliat culminates in the Tigtigan at Tarakan Keng Dalan (literally “music and dancing on the streets”) on the last Friday and Saturday of October, where locals and tourists alike enjoy two nights of music, dancing, and overflowing drinks.

Kawayanan  Festival

When: October 1

Where: Gloria, Oriental Mindoro


The Kawayanan Festival celebrates the abundance of bamboo in the locality through street dancing performances, costumes made of bamboo materials, and a trade fair that sells and displays bamboo products.

Dilaab Festival

When: October 1

Where: Siquijor

Formerly known as Isla del Fuego (literally island of fire) by the Spaniards due to the swarms of fireflies that light up the island at night, Siquijor named its main festival the Dilaab Festival—dilaab meaning “blazing.” The Dilaab Festival is celebrated to appreciate the natural beauty of Siquijor and to honor the island’s patron saint, St. Francis of Assisi, who is known as a lover of nature.

Talulot Festival

When: October 1 to 2

Where: Pasay City

Talulot is named after the Filipino word for petal, in honor of St. Therese of the Child Jesus who is as well-known as God’s little flower. The Philippine festival is a vibrant and wondrous spectacle of music, dance, and other local talents. 

Paruyan Festival

When: October 1 to 4

Where: Talisay, Camarines Norte


Representing the municipality’s heritage and main product, which is rice, the Paruyan Festival is celebrated through several activities including a street dance competition and a beauty pageant. Paruyan is derived from the Bicolano root word paruy, meaning palay.

Unod Festival

When: October 1 to 7

Where: Castilla, Sorsogon


Unod Festival is a celebration and thanksgiving of the bountiful harvest of rich agricultural resources in the municipality and an opportunity for the farmers to display their products, which are usually root crops.

Mambulawan Festival

When: October 1 to 7

Where: Jose Panganiban, Camarines Norte

Held in honor of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, the festival aims to forge unity and cooperation among the community through showcasing the town’s best in promoting culture and arts and revitalizing the mining industry.

Parau Festival

When: October 1 to 12

Where: Pilar, Sorsogon


The patience, determination, and ingenuity of Pilareño descendants as shipbuilders are shown through the Parau float competition and their victory over the sufferings and agony from the brutality of Spaniards are showcased through street dancing.

Sinanggiyaw Festival

When: October 4

Where: Dumanjug, Cebu


The term sinanggiyaw comes from the two Cebuano words: sinanggi, meaning the harvested crops or the way/method of harvesting the crops, and the last syllable “-yaw” for sayaw or “to dance.” To celebrate, the townspeople showcase handicrafts, agricultural products, and a street dancing competition with steps that depict planting, harvesting, and thanksgiving.

Pagoda Festival

When: October 5 

Where: Cardona, Rizal


The Pagoda Festival is observed to ask for a bountiful lake by throwing bread into the water, praying symbolic of prayers for abundance of the sea through the intercession of St. Francis of Assisi, and witnessing a colorful fluvial parade participated in by various sectors.

La Torre

When: October 6

Where: Cardona, Rizal

For years, the bells in the tower (la torre) of the church belfry at Cardona announced cultural events and issued warnings in the advent of unforeseen calamities. Today the people celebrate the sound of the bells colorfully with the music of brass bands as a symbol of hope that Cardona may always remain in the grace of God.

Lubi-Lubi Festival

When: October 8

Where: Glan, Sarangani

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Almost 90 percent of the Glan’s total land area is planted with coconuts, naming the town the Coco Queen of the South. Lubi-Lubi Festival reflects the old traditions of Glan celebrated through festive group dance competitions, each showcasing a particularly old religious belief of the people about the coconut tree. Animistic beliefs are brought to life in choreography by rituals of reverence to the tree as a source of blessings such as wind, water and rain, fire, good health, and even life.

Eggstravaganza Festival

When: First Friday of October

Where: San Jose, Batangas


In celebration of World Egg Day, Eggstravaganza Festival highlights the dominant business of San Jose, Batangas, as a town: poultry farming. This is also their way of thanking St. Joseph, their patron saint, for the success of their business. The town celebrates it with street dancing, contests, programs, and fun-filled activities to entertain local folks and tourists.

Kanduli Festival

When: October 9 to 12

Where: Lutayan, Sultan Kudarat


Kanduli is a Maguindanaoan term that literally means “offering.” The Kanduli Festival is a thanksgiving celebration showcasing the rich culture and traditions of the people of Lutayan.

It is conducted during the celebration to give thanks to Allah for the blessings he has extended and to sustain these blessings and ask for more for the improvement of lives of every people in the community. The barangays of Lutayan set up booths displaying agricultural products, traditional foods, and Muslim delicacies.

Karakol Festival

When: October 10

Where: Mamburao, Occidental Mindoro

Talisay, Batangas

The Karakol Festival of Mamburao in Occidental Mindoro is celebrated in honor of Our Lady of the Pillar. This parade is a festive celebration in the streets of the town where parishioners joyfully carry the patron saint with jovial music, dancing, and praising with the belief that they will be blessed with a prosperous life and good health. Street dancers wear colorful dresses and hats decorated with fresh flowers. 

Kaimonan Festival

When: October 10

Where: Tagum City, Davao del Norte

The word kaimonan literally translates to “gathering.” The Kaimonan Festival is a gathering of the four dominant tribes in Tagum City—namely, Mansaka, Mandaya, Kalagan, and Dibabaon—to celebrate a bountiful harvest and to give thanks to Magbabaya, their God. This celebration showcases different rituals, tribal songs, and dances.

Hermosa Festival

When: October 10 to 12

Where: Zamboanga City

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Hermosa Festival, also known locally as Fiesta Pilar, honors Our Lady of the Pillar. In commemoration of her feast day, Zamboanga displays its devotion and enthusiasm with a nine-night procession, fireworks, an ethnic parade, a cultural show, a colorful regatta, and the Miss Zamboanga parade. 

Tugob Festival

When: October 10 to 22

Where: Ormoc City

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Tugob is a Visayan word that means “bountiful” or “abundant.” Because of the abundance of coconut, rice, pineapple, livestock, minerals, sugarcane, vegetable, fish, steam, and water, Ormoc City celebrates the Tugob Festival alongside the city’s charter day on October 20. Clad in brilliant clothing, participants stomp their feet, raise their arms, slap their thighs, and applaud and yell as one as they express gratitude toward the Lord for a plentiful reap and for giving the city a variety of natural resources. 

Pyestang Tugak 

When: October 12 to 15

Where: San Fernando City, Pampanga

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Tugak is the Kapampangan term for frog. The citizens of San Fernando have reserved a special day every year to honor this amphibian because of its important contributions to the environment, the economy, and culture. This festival exhibits the traditional way of catching frogs with a bamboo rod and showcases various culinary ways in preparing frogs.

Inug-og Festival

When: October 14

Where: Oroquieta City, Misamis Occidental


This festival showcases tribal performance in honor to the city’s patron saint, Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, and as a tribute to the Subanen tribe inhabiting along the numerous rivers inside the Mt. Malindang Ranges Natural Park. Live music and ethnic musical instruments such as bamboos, gongs, and native drums provide accompaniment to street dances. Performers dress up in ethnic costumes while performing rituals in the street and dancing to the rhythm of the parade.

Calacatchara Festival 

When: October 14 to 24

Where: Calaca, Batangas


The Calacatchara Festival usually runs for a week and ends on October 24, the feast day of the town’s patron saint, St. Raphael the Archangel. During this ten-day period, you’ll see activities like pageants, concerts, dancing, singing, and other competitions.

Halad Inasal Festival

When: October 15

Where: Talisay City, Cebu


The city of Talisay in Cebu is well-known for its inasal na baboy or roasted pig. After the town became an independent parish under the advocating of St. Teresa de Avila, the people began to go out on the streets, dance, and parade their showcase of roasted pigs with their colorful costumes and decorated carts.

Sagingan Festival

When: October 16 to 17

Where: Tubod, Lanao del Norte

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Lanao del Norte is a banana-growing province, and the town of Tubod is one of its biggest producers. In fact, Tubod yields thirty amazing varieties of bananas! Thus the town celebrates the bounty of its land and the fruits of its people’s labor. This weeklong festival showcases artistic presentations of their banana produce, as well as other products like handicrafts, through an annual booth competition participated by all barangay and local government agencies. Aside from this booth competition, the festival is also celebrated through a pageant, street parties, and dances.

Pamugu-an Festival

When: October 16

Where: Mansalay, Mindoro Oriental

Locals of Mansalay celebrate the Pamugu-an Festival as an annual reunion of the different Mangyan tribes. There are sports events (Palaro ng Lahi), cultural presentations, product demonstrations, and an exhibit of native products.

MassKara Festival

When: Fourth Sunday of October

Where: Bacolod City, Negros Occidental

Every fourth Sunday of October, the streets of Bacolod become filled with street dancers in colorful costumes, masks, and headdresses. Concerts, food fests, street parties, and revelry keep the city awake for a week more. This festival was actually born at a time of economic crisis and tragedy. To make ends meet, a couple of artists proposed the idea of making masks through paper-mache as an alternative livelihood for the city. The masks brought back the smile on the gloomy faces of the locals, and since then, Bacolod has been nicknamed the City of Smiles.

Buglasan Festival

When: October 22

Where: Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental

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Buglasan is a provincial event where all the municipalities, cities, and towns of Negros Oriental come together and celebrate to promote and conserve the diversity of the province’s heritage through dances, songs, food, rituals, stories, and many more. The festival is named in honor of the original name of the province of Negros: Buglas.

Tinapa Festival

When: October 22

Where: Rosario, Cavite

Just like many coastal towns in the Philippines, Rosario is well-known to be a fisherman’s town. The making of tinapa or smoked fish, which is branded as tinapang Salinas among the townsfolk, remains to be the town’s primary cottage industry. This festival promotes Rosario as the tinapa capital of the nation.

Pakaradjan Festival 

When: October 24 to 31

Where: Tagum City

Pakaradjan Festival

The Pakaradjan Festival exhibits the culture of the diverse Muslim clans in Tagum City, Davao del Norte, with a shared objective, that is, to safeguard, advance, and commend the custom of the five overwhelming clans in Tagum City: the Ka’agan, Maranao, Maguindanao, Tausog, and Iranon. It is a celebration of music, dances, and cultural presentation to the beat and rhythm of the kulintang, dobakan, and agong.

Lanzones Festival

When: October 25 to 28

Where: Camiguin

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This festival is celebrated in honor of the lanzones tree, the most important source of livelihood of Camiguin. The main town on the island, Mambajao, is the center of the festival celebrations, which include cultural shows, street dancing, and a beauty pageant.

Ibalong Festival

When: October 25 to 28

Where: Legazpi City, Albay


Ibalong Festival is a yearly non-religious, folklore-based celebration depicting Bicol’s early beginnings, based on the epic written by the late Professor Merito Espinas, which tells of mythical superheroes, villains, monsters, and wild animals in the ancient times. Giant masks depicting characters of the Bicol epic of Ibalong are paraded the streets. Other attractions include street carnivals, musical performances, firework displays, and many more.

Aeta Festival

When: October 27

Where: Botolan, Zambales

HsocfamZambales –

The Aeta Festival showcases the culture and arts of the Aeta tribe in the province of Zambales, a celebration that also coincides with the celebration of Indigenous People month. Highlights of this event are ethnic performances like dances, music playing, songs, and indigenous games.  

Sambuokan Festival

When: Last week of October

Where: Mati City, Davao Oriental

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Sambuokan is a Mandaya word taken from the term buok, which means “one,” signifying the oneness of the people of Mati. The festival is a celebration of thanksgiving for the year’s blessings and bountiful harvest. It is also celebrated with the founding anniversary of the city, which is on October 29. The event is a long-week celebration highlighted with the neo-ethnic Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan street dancing competition and other remarkable activities like concerts, musical showdowns, trade fairs, exhibits, beach parties, pageants, boat races, skimboarding and photography competitions, and many more.

Tigkaralag Festival

When: October 30

Where: Pavia, Iloilo


Tigkaralag, from the Hiligaynon root word kalag, meaning soul, is Pavia’s way of celebrating Halloween. Now on its twentieth year, eighteen contesting barangays in scary masks and costumes amuse visitors with horror stories interpreted through dance amid a very large crowd on a chilly evening. Tigkaralag opens at the public plaza with a parade of the contesting barangays carrying torches.

It is indeed more fun in the Philippines. Enjoy the festivities!

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