Paint Colors That Can Give Off a Relaxing Vibe

Paint Colors That Can Give Off a Relaxing Vibe

In case you don’t know yet, there is something called the psychology of color. Color influences mood and can be a determinant of human behavior. This is why when thinking of the colors for your home, you want to go for hues that could calm you. Here are some paint colors that you should start with.

Paint Colors to Add Personality to Your Home

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When a dark, rich color is used throughout a room, you will feel as if you’re sinking in a comfortable sofa, and it lets you swim in it. Purple hues open up the space and make boundaries seem to disappear, creating a streamlined look.

Real-life application: a quaint bedroom

a quaint bedroom

Known as the color of royalty, purple creates an obvious presence but does not necessarily overwhelm.


The cloudy shade gives off a rainy day vibe, so you can curl up in a bed and just relax. The gray-blue hue can turn the room into a sort of refuge, and combining it with other paint colors, more intense shades of either gray or blue can add more impact. If you want a contrasting shade to go against it, a salmon or deep sage would look just as stunning.

Real-life application: a living room

a living room

Living rooms are usually filled with light, but with cool blue-gray walls they too can feel intimate.

Light Green

Light Green

Light greens can create the feeling of a fading summer’s day. It allows for a quiet feel, making it easy for you to see yourself sitting back in a wicker chair, sipping your martini, and reading your favorite book.

Real-life application: a bathroom

a bathroom

The light green walls and ceiling make for a soothing cocoon, perfect for when you want to kick back after a long day.

Light Pink

Light Pink

Pinks, with the afternoon light, can create a very calming atmosphere. Many assume that pink apartments look too feminine, but if you paint it with gray undertones, it will look more grown-up than a little girl’s room.

Real-life application: a lovely living room

a lovely living room

Soft pink walls reflect light, making the room—and everyone—in it look rosy.

Celestial Blue

Celestial Blue

Celestial blue is among the most soothing of all paint colors. It looks fresh and beautiful, and it can be paired with virtually any other color. Soft floral prints also go well against it, making it look like a garden, the blue and muted color of the sky.

Real-life application: A bright living room

A bright living room

The fresh blue walls add color and whimsy to the space. Finish off with blue-on-blue furniture with pops of color, and you’re going to have an inviting room perfect for entertaining your guests.


Blue Green

Blend blue-green and gray just enough to add warmth for otherwise icy colors, and add a bit of white to soften the tone. Blue-green is peaceful enough but feels cheerful all the same, setting wood floors and furniture to look like a peaceful retreat. It also looks fresh with white trim, so it works with different styles.

Real life application: a walk-in closet

a walk-in closet

This is the type of color that is soothing enough to ease you into your morning routine.

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