Paint Colors That Can Give Off a Relaxing Vibe

Relaxing Vibe


Sometimes, it’s all about the color palette, and when it comes to designing a home, color theme is one way to add personality to your space. As a homeowner, it your number one priority to make your house as cozy as possible. So here’s one important tip: choose the right color scheme. And if you want a calming vibe, using relaxing paint colors makes a great decision.

We have discussed some of these relaxing paint colors in the first part of this article series, but we’re back with more hues you can choose from.

Relaxing Paint Colors for Any Home

Gray Lilac

Gray Lilac

Adding a bit of gray in the lilac adds sophistication and gives a quiet dreaminess of a place. For accent, earthy browns and creams will add to a serene effect and will bring out the purple of the hue. Pairing it up with brighter colors, the overall effect can be sweet.

Real-life application: a welcoming hallway

a welcoming hallway

A concentrated lilac can bring a certain personality of a home’s entryway. Sweet, royal, and elegant, this gives a certain kind of whimsy perfect for welcoming guests.

Soft Gray

Soft Gray

The subtlety of relaxing colors like soft gray can draw anyone in, and with this particular hue, the silvery gray-green gives it a foggy quality that could help cocoon you and make you feel safe. It will be great in a dining room with dark woods, paired with a rock-crystal chandelier, or in a calming, marbled bathroom.

Real-life application: a spacious bedroom

a spacious bedroom

A soft gray can make a room look more expansive. Pair it with soft earthy neutrals, and you will have an elegant master’s bedroom that’s as classy as you feel.

Warm Gray

Warm Gray

There are a lot of gray hues for a reason: grays are the new neutral—warm and organic. It can be casual or comforting or even elegant. It can be in a dining room for a sophisticated backdrop but can also be equally relaxing in a bedroom. A satin finish also adds for a richer look.

Real-life application: an elegant bathroom

an elegant bathroom

Warm grays give off an urban chic vibe. For the woman on the go, this is the perfect tone to start conquering the world.



Corals are warm and inviting, and it can help remind you of the sun’s glow. Think afternoons at the Caribbean, it is a relaxing retreat where many can go and find inspiration. For an accent? Layer it with linens and white trim.

Real-life application: an inviting dining room

an inviting dining room

Sweet and cheerful, this is the perfect color for entertaining guests, and don’t worry, it’s not too feminine. The right shade of coral, paired with the right earthy accents can make for an elegant room.

Pale Blue

Pale Blue

The color blue, no matter how much parents try to push it, is not actually a masculine color. Everyone loves a pale blue. It is one of the most relaxing paint colors and great for any room at home, from the kitchen to the bedroom, even the office at times.

Real-life application: a sweet walk-in

a sweet walk-in

Relax while you’re getting ready. This peaceful color can help you set your mood for the day: cool and controlled.



Aquas, like most relaxing paint colors, remind people of the care-free summer feels, transporting you to remote tropical beaches and shaded by palm trees as you listen to the waves washing to shore. This color is great for bathrooms too. What’s better than lying in the tub being surrounded by such a tranquil color?

Real-life application: a vintage vignette

a vintage vignette

This shade of aqua looks great behind an antique piece—soft, understated, but elegant.

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