Funny Outdoor Party Games to Try This Christmas

outdoor christmas party games

The Filipino Christmas is upon us! It’s the season for Noche Buena, village parties, neighborhood parties, and extended family reunions. If the Santa hat is on you this year and you’re given the responsibility to host or organize the party, you must be brainstorming Christmas party games right now and making sure everyone enjoys. If you’re tired of the usual Bring Me, Trip to Jerusalem, or calamansi relay, here are games to convince you that sometimes it’s better to take the fun outdoors. 

Filipino Party Games with an Outdoor Christmas Twist

Caroling race challenge


This game is best played ahead of the party as it may take time. Groups of participants will have to sing carols around the neighborhood and race against one another till they raise a certain amount of money. The first group of carolers to reach the target amount reports back to the host and wins a prize. The rest of the teams get to share their collected alms among themselves.

Candy cane shatong

Shatong is a nostalgic favorite among Filipinos born before the age of the internet. The game makes use of two sticks, one longer than the other. The longer stick will serve like a bat and the shorter stick serves like the hit. Depending on your locality, the rules of the game may differ, but if there’s anything common among the many ways it’s played, the game of shatong will always involve hitting and throwing two sticks from a distance.

Replace the sticks with large sturdy enough candy canes and the game will never be the same. Like usual, set a target goal of points for both teams. The challenge here is refraining from breaking the canes apart. The team who breaks a cane is automatically disqualified.

Tipsy statue dance


The Statue Dance is a popular game during parties. The drill is very simple. Participants dance to the music, but when the music is stopped by the host, the contestants freeze. Contestants often lose because they freeze at the most awkward positions or facial expressions, making it too hard to stay still. The emerging winner is the last person on the dance floor. 

Add a twist and memorable laughs to this overused game by ensuring that only the adults who’ve had one too many drinks are qualified to participate! Just lure them with a worthwhile prize to convince them to participate.

Christmas presents hunt 

Make the traditional Easter egg hunt Christmassy by replacing Easter eggs with little presents! The excitement doubles when the participant with the most presents collected is declared the winner and is awarded a huge prize.


Tug of presents

Design a Christmas rope ahead of time for this game. Hang little presents toward the middle of the rope. Reserve the smallest gift to be hung at the center. As the two teams play tug of war, the frontmost players struggle to snatch as many hanging gifts as they can from the rope. The team with the most presents wins.

Have fun!

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