Most Popular Architecture Designs in the Philippines

Popular House Designs

The Philippines has one of the most competitive real estate markets in Asia. Housing costs are relatively low, and it is fairly easy to find a home that can fit your lifestyle and budget. There are a lot house design ideas available, should you decide to buy or build your own place, but just to get you started, here are the most popular house designs that you’re going to see more than others.

Popular House Designs in the Philippines

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Townhouse developments

Townhouse developments

Terraced or low houses as called in the West, townhouses are one of the most popular house designs in the urban areas where they are commonly referred to as apartments or door apartments.

Although they are not exactly apartments, they are, however, space-savvy as they are sold per unit and are noticeable due to their small lot areas. They are economical and are popular as rental properties, making them a great choice for  starting families who opt to purchase or rent a house before buying larger properties later.

Minimalist homes

Minimalist homes

A concept from the 1960s, minimalist designs were used to describe architecture with natural and pared-down design elements. What makes this one of the most popular house designs is the fact that it makes homes more noticeable with the use of simple lines and silhouettes. Minimalist houses have gained popularity, especially in latest real estate developments, but it’s more than just the look, it’s also because of the fact that it blends in with the traditional Filipino culture’s architecture—the earthy color palette of rich browns, ecru, and brass. The design also shows utilization of space, so it addresses our problems of clutter, especially in the small spaces that are usually found in big cities.

Country style

Country style

With their understated charm reminiscent of old America, the design was eventually brought to the Philippines, beginning with country-themed cafés and coffee shops and eventually reaching into actual home architecture. The enticing, cozy elements were then combined with vintage elements and shabby chic designs that give homes personality, especially their interiors.

Mediterranean design

Mediterranean Design

Heavily influenced by the region after which it is named, this house style gained popularity especially in up-market resorts and beach-side properties. Like the country style, the business aspects eventually made its way to home architecture because of its alluring vibe—fresh and full of personality. Mediterranean style homes are bright and airy, usually seen in upscale neighborhoods and characterized by their wrought-iron balconies, terracotta exteriors, heavy wooden doors, Tegola stone roofs, and colorful tiles that serve as accents.

Modern mid-century concepts

Modern Mid-Century Concepts

Mid-century moderns flourished in the United States in the 1940s, and new materials were introduced in this type of architecture, such as steel and plywood. These simplistic, symmetrical patterns can be mistaken for minimalist designs, but they are often marked by open spaces, huge glass windows, and a bit of nature incorporated in it. Like Mediterranean homes, these houses are seen in upscale communities, mostly outside the Metro.

Bungalow homes

Bungalow Homes

Perhaps the one design that many Filipinos are most familiar with is the bungalow, which in Bengali translates roughly to “house in the Bengal.” This style usually has one large floor with a second one built into a sloping roof, common in gated communities and subdivisions in the Philippines. Many old houses in Makati are made in this style, often large and sprawling in their size, although these days, they are made smaller and found in mid-end subdivisions.

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