Rainbow-Colored Corn Grows in Zamboanga Farm

Rainbow Colored Corn Grows in Zamboanga Farm

A unique type of corn is making rounds on the Internet for its unusual coloring. Originally, corns have yellow kernels, but this particular variant appears to be rainbow corns. For sure, many of you have questions in mind. Is it edible? How does it taste like?

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Rainbow Colored Corn

Rainbow corns are also known as glass-gem corns in the United States where it originated. Four years after it was introduced, this variety of corn made its way to Indonesia then to the Philippines in December 2016 through Mark Basaluddin. Thinking of its potential in the local market, the 33-year-old businessman brought 25 kilos bag of seeds worth $300. In local currency, that’s equivalent to around ₱15,000.

Just three months after he planted it on his farm in Zamboanga, Basaluddin was able to harvest the first batch of rainbow corns or, to put it more accurately, three-colored cobs.

Rainbow Corns: How Does It Taste Like?

Despite its attractive candy-like appearance, rainbow corns taste just like any ordinary corn. Basaluddin admitted that they haven’t sold any yet due to its high price. This particular variant is currently priced at ₱80 to ₱100 each, which is considered too expensive compared to the price of regular corn (₱20–₱30 apiece).

Still, Basaluddin is optimistic that soon, the local market will recognize its worth and will begin to patronize the rainbow corn. After their first harvest a few months ago, they immediately started preparing their farm for replanting. Given its growth period, they expect to have a second harvest by late August or early September.

Basaluddin is no novice when it comes to innovative farming. He started in this business when he was just 15 years old. In fact, he reaped a 110-pound cassava from his farm just recently.

With the recent development of rainbow corn, one can’t help but wonder if rainbow rice will also soon follow. That would be interesting.

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