Faith in Humanity Restored: Dog Rescued from Storm in Tarlac

Faith in Humanity Restored

Bad events sometimes give birth to heartwarming stories and this story of a rescued dog in Tarlac, Philippines, is just one of them.

During the monsoon season, tropical storms ravage the country, which is not surprising when we’re talking about the Philippines, which basically experiences around 20 tropical storms and typhoons every year. But in July 2016, in one of these storms, a stray dog was trapped by the canals in Tarlac. Fortunately for the canine, a concerned citizen spotted and helped retrieve him from his watery prison.

Here are more details of the amazing story of the rescued dog in Tarlac.

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Stray Dog in Tarlac

Rescued Dog in Tarlac Gets Second Shot at Life

There are few animal rescue operations in the Philippines, but the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (PDRCC) managed to get to the site to save the poor animal. With the help of a special emergency rescue vehicle, the poor canine was rescued out of the cold.

Rescued Dog in Tarlac

Dog Finally Being Rescued

The fella has been adopted by Ms. Merryl Evangelista of the Tarlac Dog Walker’s Club.

Rescued Dog

We rarely hear dog rescue stories in the Philippines. It’s either some are just silently helping animals and don’t want any of their good deeds to be on several articles, or there’s just sadly a few stories to tell. But this rescued dog in Tarlac isn’t the only canine that was given a happy ending.

When monster typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines, a lot of animals were abandoned, trapped in dangerous places, and starved to death. People were struggling enough to save themselves, and for those greatly affected, helping an animal was the last thing in mind. But this did not stop some rescue groups from starting animal relief oprations in the area. International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) made their way to Tacloban to save canines and felines and all other animals that needed immediate assistance.

This rescued dog in Tarlac and all other animals saved from the brink of death with the help of good Samaritans just prove that after all, humans naturally have it in their heart to go the extra mile just to help their four-legged companion.


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