Safety Tips to Remember This Rainy Season

The days are getting shorter, and the weather is suddenly a lot cooler. The rainy season has come upon us. 

For many people, the rain means many things. For artistic and sentimental types, it means inspiration. For farmers and those in the agriculture industry, it means a bountiful harvest. And for a lot of us, the rain is something that’s necessary—something a little convenient but yet important in the cycle of life.

But with the changing weather comes many risks, and we have to do our part to make sure that we and our loved ones are safe during this time of year.

Rainy Season Safety Tips

To help you, we have compiled a list of safety tips that you would do well to remember during this rainy season.

When You’re at Home

It’s wise to prepare your house for when the heavy rains start to come around. You can keep your abode safe and dry with the following tips:

    • Inspect your gutters and roof to make sure they’re in good condition. Call a handyman to make any necessary repairs. Also, make it a point to regularly remove debris or fallen leaves from your gutters. 

    • Check the overall structure of your house for any signs of water leaks like water rings, mold, and paint discolorations. If you see any, have them fixed. 

    • Closely examine your doors and windows to make sure they are properly sealed and there are no small openings through which water can enter. Make the necessary repairs.

    • Prune the trees in your yard, especially those that have dead branches as they can fall on your house or around it and cause accidents and injury.

When There Is a Flash Flood

The local government usually issues warnings if there are possible flash floods, so it would be best to take some emergency measures before and during the event:

    • Gather an emergency bag of supplies you will need such as water, food, first aid kits, flashlights, radios, and other necessities. When a flood happens, you can easily grab the bag so you can seek evacuation elsewhere.

    • Make sure you avoid going into flood water, especially one that’s moving as it can easily sweep you off your feet and cause you to fall. You should especially look after your little children when you’re moving around from place to place to ensure they don’t get swept away.

    • Immediately seek a place that’s on higher ground and stay there until the waters recede.

When You’re Driving 

The wet roads during the rainy season often become a cause for accidents. Thus, you need to inspect and prepare your car to make sure it is in good working condition. Windshield wipers should be functioning, and treads on your tires should have the required depth to provide firm traction on wet roadways. You can also apply the following tips:

    • Always turn on your headlights, especially at night and even during the day when it’s cloudy and dim as rain can impede visibility—yours and that of other drivers.

    • Turn off your car’s cruise control function as this can greatly affect your vehicle’s ability to quickly adjust its speed. 

    • Drive slower than your usual as faster speeds can cause your car to skid or slip of the road.

The rain brings with it many risks, so it is up to us to take the necessary measures to be safe. 

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