7 Inspiring Stories of Awesome Filipinos

Seven Inspiring Filipinos

The Pitong Pinoy project is about finding seven inspiring Filipinos who have made a difference. These are people who are serving others and promoting their advocacy. Many nominations came in, showing that there are way more than just seven outstanding citizens who have touched others with their kindness.

It was a tough choice having to narrow it down, but here are some great stories of selflessness. These are seven people who make us so proud to be Filipino.

7 Inspiring Filipinos We Can Take Pride In

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1. Alexis Belonio

Alexis Belonio

Alexis Belonio is the engineer who found a way to use rice husks. His cooking stove is designed to help the less fortunate have access to hot meals.

The stove is environmentally friendly. It uses a fan as its base. This will be a great help for families who cannot afford expensive fuel. The fan provides air in the conversion in the rice hulls, which turns to gas.

He could have patented his invention to become a millionaire, but instead he let others benefit from it by keeping it patent-free. He’s been recognized for his invention abroad, but his home country should also give him an accolade.

2. Jean Enriquez

Jean Enriquez

This is girl power at its best. Definitely one of the many inspiring Filipinos worth talking about, Jean Enriquez is the head of the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women–Asia Pacific, a network of feminist groups fighting against human trafficking, sexual exploitation, and pornography. She also holds education camps for young women to save them from becoming vulnerable to abuse. She aids survivors of abuse during the healing process and helps them get a second shot at having a good life.

3. Jay Jaboneta

Jay Jaboneta

When Jay Jaboneta learned that 200 schoolchildren had to swim so they could get to school, he made it his mission to do something for them. Jay then wrote a Facebook status message, asking for donations. After only a week, he was able to raise ₱70,000.

The Facebook group Zamboanga Funds for Little Kids was later established and has expanded his charity’s reach. The kids of Layag-layag now use yellow boats to get across the river they once had to swim.

4. Tomas Leonor

Tomas Leonor

Leonor raised funds for cancer victims of the Philippine Children’s Medical Center. He organized StepJuan, which is his walking expedition. He has walked 1,241.5 kilometers on seven different islands, ten provinces, 20 cities, and 86 municipalities.

5. Heidi Mendoza

Heidi Mendoza

Heidi Mendoza exposed the corruption in the military. During senate hearings, she gave details of suspicious military transactions, which helped solve the plunder case against Carlos Garcia. She could have kept quiet, but she chose to be brave. After fighting for what’s right, she was appointed by former president Noynoy Aquino as the commissioner of the Commission on Audit.

6. Anna Oposa

Anna Oposa

There are many people who claim they love the environment, but just how many of them actually do something about it? Director of the Law of Nature Foundation Anna Oposa has campaigned to protect marine life. The independent movement Save the Philippine Seas has given the spotlight to the massive destruction of the coral reefs in the country. Now that people are aware of what’s happening, she is now lobbying to get laws to help the environment so we preserve our country’s natural beauty for future generations.

7. Tzarina Saniel

Tzarina Saniel

While everyone is out trying to get the latest tablet to read the newest e-book, for Tzarina Saniel, there is nothing like a good leather-bound book. She has collected and preserved many Filipino books including original manuscripts of national hero Jose Rizal. Her diligence in preserving these masterpieces will go a long way in keeping Filipino literature alive, and this is what makes this book lover one of the inspiring Filipinos worth keeping an eye on.

With the several issues the country has to face, a simple act of kindness is enough to brighten our day. While they’re not enough to make us forget our problems for good, the stories of these inspiring Filipinos give us hope that maybe, someday, somehow, whatever it is that’s holding us back from completely developing will soon be gone, and we will enjoy the level of success we deserve to have.

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