Small-Space Decorating Ideas for Beautiful, Compact Homes

Small-Space Decorating Ideas

Designing a small space can be quite challenging, but with the help of the best decorating ideas for compact homes, it’s not really impossible.

On days when you get stuck in traffic or an unavoidable commuting mishap, you can’t help but wish you lived near the office or your school. This is why a lot have been investing in halfway homes with a common goal—to save on money, effort, and time going from one place to another. Aside from members of the workforce and a few students, there are also some who get a second home in the city to serve as a sanctuary each time they visit the country.

Since it’s only a temporary space, some might be thinking that maintaining it should be fuss-free and easy. While you can always stick to the basics, you may want to take it a notch higher by choosing nifty solutions and a timeless style to make the most of your space. To inspire you to decorate your own home, here are some of the decorating ideas for compact homes we loved and learned from a 43 m² unit designed by interior designer Ruby Besira.

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Brilliant Decorating Ideas for Compact Homes

1. Be creative when separating spaces

Be creative

Since condo units and second homes are usually compact, many choose solutions that are smart yet won’t disrupt the overall look of the space. To achieve the goal of a spacious and airy home, Ruby worked with an open layout then added a sliding glass partition in the middle to separate the bedroom from the rest of the unit.

If adding sliding glass doors is not an option, you may choose to use big pieces of furniture as dividers. Opting for an extra shelf gives you extra storage and privacy when you have guests. You can also add extra drapes to hide the bed.

2. Choose a different treatment for the walls

treatment for the walls

You may have seen it all—paint, wallpaper, decals, and murals—but what else can you do to keep your walls from being too flat and boring? Take your cue from Ruby’s choice of material for this condo unit—wood vinyl adds a sophisticated touch to a space and you won’t have to worry about upkeep as it’s very easy to clean.

Bonus tip: check out the blue chest of drawers beside the sofa. Instead of the usual drawer pull or handle, it features the underside of leather belts. If you’re into repurposing old pieces and recycling, you can do the same by finding other uses for ordinary items. More often than not, you can turn these into instant storage pieces.

3. Make the look seamless


One of the decorating ideas for compact homes Besira has shared involves a combination of neutrals, shades of gray, and well-selected furnishings as these make the bedroom look extra inviting. At first glance, you will see an ordinary wall above the cushioned headboard—it actually holds a clever secret.

Extra Cabinet

It’s an extra cabinet where the owner can keep extra pillows, sheets, and other belongings. If you’re thinking about ways on how to inject a little extra storage into your home, opt for streamlined ideas like a similar secret cabinet, a hidden niche, and other built-in nooks.

4. Choose multifunctional pieces

multifunctional pieces

The best decorating ideas for compact homes are all about maximizing what little space you have, just like this design. One corner of the bedroom serves as the work area and entertainment center. To maximize the space, it also serves as a shelf for decor and other accessories. For those who are planning to create a study or work area in a limited space may choose to have a built-in desk to save on floor area. Complete your nook by adding wall-mounted shelves and a comfy chair.

5. Decorate each nook

Decorate each nook

There are a few who would like to keep their homes simple, but there are those whose prefer to have spaces personalized. Bring out a couple of photographs and display them on corner shelves. Brighten up the place with small plants or succulents and personal knickknacks. Small spaces can have big personalities too.

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