Kami Namamasko: Filipino Christmas Carols to Make the Holidays Even Livelier

Filipino Christmas Carols

Filipinos are known to be vibrant and lively in nature. Their cheerful spirit is reflected in the abundance of colorful decorations around the house and the variety of food set on the dining table. But if there’s one thing that really shows just how lively the festive season is in the country, it’s those Filipino Christmas carols.

A Pinoy celebration is never complete without a little singing and dancing. As evidenced by the hordes of karaoke restaurants and machines that line up the streets, it is clear that the locals just can’t get enough of all that singing. So to help you get in the festive mood, here are all of your favorite Christmas carols to belt our during this joyous holiday.

Filipino Christmas Carols to Put You in the Festive Spirit!

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Christmas Special

“Ang Pasko Ay Sumapit”

This is an upbeat song that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. It literally translates to the words “Christmas Has Come.” The lyrics talk about the spirit of love and the importance of giving to one another.

“Mano Po, Ninong”

This is sung by the godchildren who wish to express their love and thanks to their ninongs (godfathers) and ninangs (godmothers). The song also wishes joy, happiness, and peace during the holiday season.

“Noche Buena”

Noche buena is a feast served on the night before Christmas. Filipinos deem it very important, so it’s just right that one of the most famous Filipino Christmas carols there are talks just about it! The “Noche Buena” carol describes the joy and togetherness of Filipino families as they sample their Noche Buena dishes like queso de bola and of course . . . lechon!

“Namamasko” (Caroling)

Door-to-door caroling is one of the most common practices of Filipino during Christmas. This song is most often sung by children looking to earn a few pennies and treats from their kindhearted neighbors! This carol talks about gifts, generosity, and gratitude.

Filipino Christmas

“Christmas Bonus”

One of the most highly anticipated things during the holiday season in the Philippines is the annual Christmas bonus. This fun, upbeat song by Filipino pop-rock band Aegis talks about how every working Filipino waits for their bonus to use to shop for gifts and buy all they need for the Christmas season.

“Pasko Na, Sinta Ko” (It’s Christmas, My Love)

Filipino crooner Gary Valenciano originally sang this heartbreaking ballad. It talks about longing for a loved one during Christmas.

“Kumukuti-kutitap” (Twinkling)

The bright lights of the parols easily make it a national symbol for Christmas in the Philippines. This song captures the beauty of this proudly Pinoy decor with a catchy chorus that’ll make you kutitap!

“Himig ng Pasko” (Melody of Christmas)

The lyrics of this well-loved carol brings about a feeling of warmth and joy that only a Filipino Christmas can bring. It’s no wonder this has become such a favorite track for the yuletide season.

Pinoy Carolling

“Christmas in Our Hearts”

Christmas will never be complete without the songs of Filipino-Chinese composer and singer Jose Mari Chan! Chan not only sang this iconic carol, but he also had his daughter Liza sing with him.

“12 Days of Pinoy Krismas”

Another beloved singers in the country are Jim Paredes, Danny Javier, and Boboy Garovillo, together known as the singing group APO Hiking society. These talented songwriters spun the famous holiday song “12 Days of Christmas”. Adding a surprising twist and true Pinoy sound. The lyrics talk about 12 distinctively (and quite bizarre, to be honest) Pinoy gifts to give to your loved ones.

“Ngayong Pasko, Magniningning ang Pilipino” (This Christmas, Filipinos Will Shine)

Local television channel ABS-CBN releases a Christmas station ID each year, giving birth to several Filipino Christmas carols we always want to hear during the season. Last 2010’s song was memorable because it puts the spotlight on Catholic traditions Filipinos follow during Christmas.

Paskong Anong Saya (Christmas Joy)

This holiday Christmas carol expresses a sense of joy and peace on Christmas and New Year’s day. The lively lyrics of the song are an outburst of emotion filled with well-wishes for one’s neighbor and the rest of the country.

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