15 Strange Filipino Superstitions Rooted in Beliefs of Old

Filipino Superstitions

We previously mentioned about the Filipinos’ religious devotion even before Spanish occupation. Ancient Filipino religious beliefs centered on worshiping gods, goddesses, and ancestors who control certain aspects of life and nature—livelihood, family, health, wealth, fortune, the seas, the sky, death, etc. The remains of this ancient religion are still apparent in Filipino superstitions. Aside from Filipino precolonial beliefs, various traders such as the Chinese and the Arabs influenced the communities’ Filipino superstitions on luck. The more recent Filipino superstitions, especially those with Catholic undertones, are a hybrid of Spanish influence and ancient superstitious traits. Read on to remember your grandma’s voice.

15 Bizarre Filipino Superstitions Your Grandma Always Told You About

  • You should not walk over someone lying down or else they’ll never grow taller anymore.
  • If you take a picture of three people, the one in the middle will be the first to die.

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  • Do not sleep while hungry or else your spirit will leave your body in search for food. A common example is your spirit entering a stockpot, where it accidentally traps itself as the lid covers it over.
  • If your wound gets infected, a headless priest will come out of it. Treat it as soon as possible.
  • If you sleep with wet hair, you’ll go crazy, bald, or blind.
  • If you find yourself lost in the woods, turn your clothes inside out so the tikbalang stops teasing you.
  • Dropping cutlery means a visitor’s coming. If you drop a spoon, it’s going to be a woman. If it’s a fork, it surely will be a man.
  • When you point at a tree at night, make sure you bite your finger! Or else the spirits will haunt you.
  • Jump on New Year’s eve to get taller.
  • If you leave before finishing your meal, turn all the plates on the table so you’ll travel safe.


  • When you dream about a friend wearing white, he/she is getting married. Other Filipino superstitions say the friend will die soon.
  • If a pregnant woman happens to eat twin bananas, she’ll give birth to twins or conjoined twins.
  • Fitting your wedding dress prior to your wedding day will cost you your life or will cancel the wedding for whatever reason.
  • Sweeping the floor or clipping your nails at night brings bad luck.
  • Upon leaving a cemetery, burn something to suspend your shoes or walk over its smoke. This will ensure that the spirits will not follow you home.

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