This Stunning Bamboo House in Bali Will Take Your Breath Away

This Stunning Bamboo House in Bali Will Take Your Breath Away

After leaving a successful job in New York, Elora Hardy rode a plane to Indonesia and never once looked back. Today, she is known as the head of a design team behind the most stunning bamboo house in Bali. She spent a total of five years working with her loyal team to create this grand structure located right on the edge of the Ayung River valley.

6-Story Bamboo House in Bali Redefines Sustainable Living

During her TED talks panel early this year, Hardy stated that her father was the inspiration behind the bamboo design. She further explained that he was the one who taught her about the timeless value of this wooden material:

“It’s a promise to the kids. It’s [bamboo] one sustainable material that they will not run out of. And when I first saw these structures under construction about six years ago, I just thought, this makes perfect sense.. . . Why hasn’t this happened sooner, and what can we do with it next?”

Bamboo is a popular construction material used for scaffolding, bridges, and houses. Its high strength and weight rate make it ideal for building sturdy structures. Bamboo is also known to have a higher compressive strength compared to true wood, brick, or concrete. On top of that, it has a tensile strength that is equivalent to steel.

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Bamboo House in Bali

The house is certainly a feast for the eyes. It was given the name Sharma Springs after being designed for the Sharma family as a vacation home. Today, the tropical house has since opened its doors to the public and is now available for rental through Airbnb.

This bamboo house in Bali was designed by the Ibuku group, a team of young architects and designers founded by Elora Day. The house, which was given the name Sharma Springs, has 750 m2 (8,073 ft²) of living space and is situated in Bali’s exclusive Green Village.

Bamboo House Design

Bamboo Design Living Room

Sharma Springs is the tallest bamboo structure in all of Bali. The main building has six levels with four bedrooms and a living room area that boasts a spectacular view.

Bamboo Staircase Design

Tropical Living Room

The design of Sharma Springs was inspired by the lotus flower. Its entrance is a bamboo tunnel that is suspended across a ravine. Though a number of guests have noted that the entrance can be shaky at times, it should not be alarming as the entire structure is safe and well-constructed.

Sharma Springs

Sharma Springs-Bamboo Design

One of the main weaknesses of bamboo is that they are an easy target for insects and mites. To combat this, Hardy and her team use boron, which occurs naturally in nature, to treat the bamboo and prevent it from decaying.

Living Room Bamboo Design

Bamboo Style Home Interior

Aside from Sharma Springs, other stunning projects designed by the Ibuku Design Team include Green School as well as other Green Village structures like Palm Villa, Tower House, and Cacao House, to name a few.

Bamboo Interior Architectural

Bamboo Interior Design

Fancy a night at this luxurious vacation home? Head on over to Sharma Spring’s official Airbnb page by clicking here.

Bamboo Inspired Home Interior Design

Bamboo Inspired Home Design

Bamboo Bathroom

6-Level Bamboo house in Bali

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