From a Migrant with Hardly Any Money to Owner of Land Properties

the success story of mila ferrer

As the earth ages, it becomes a more dangerous place. Living gets tougher, breathing becomes a burden. While there are those who are lucky enough to be born rich, some have to work harder to have at least a one-day-three-meal kind of life. Some give up midway, believing that maybe, the kind of life they have when they were born is gonna be the life they’ll have to live till they die—a belief this one Filipina begs to disprove. This is the success story of Mila Ferrer,  and it will make you believe that everyone has a shot at a good life.

The Success Story of Mila Ferrer

Mila Ferrer is an inspirational woman who has led an amazing life, even though she started with almost nothing. Mila moved to the United States with hardly any money. She was jobless for a long time and had nowhere to go. She started cleaning houses to get by.

Mila knew that the job she had wouldn’t be able to support her for long, so she looked for another job. Mila eventually became a bank clerk. Although things weren’t that easy and Mila had to move from one company to another, she soon managed to carve a clean reputation as an employee and was even promoted to loan manager.

As she tells her own story, Mila shares important advice: find a mentor who can help you manage your finances.

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Family of Mila Ferrer

As a single mother of five children, Mila thought she wouldn’t make it, that she won’t be able to give her kids the life they deserve. But instead of dwelling on that thought, Mila used her difficult situation as a motivation to even work harder than she already did. Now she owns 52 land properties and lives on a three-acre estate with a 6000 sq ft house. She even bought the house she used to clean.

Mila Ferrer's Son

Mila Ferrer

Mila Ferrer is now working as a regional VP for an international investment company. And she says that she loves what she does—helping people, adding that she can do it and she will wherever she may go.

Mila Ferrer

True enough, life is harder when it seems. But it’s what we make it. Life is a choice. However, we live is the fruit of our decisions. And the success story of Mila Ferrer just proves that making the right choices, meeting the right people, and grabbing all the right opportunities will get you to where you want to be.

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