Babuyan Islands: The Five-Island Gem of the Pearl of the Orient Seas

Wonders of Northern Luzon

April’s about to end and we’re about to enter the fifth month of the year. It’s in this month that most of us just settle for home relaxation, believing summer months are over and rainy days are now here to remind us that the Philippines, after all, is a two-season country.

But if you really want to unwind, you should never let this assumption rob you of your chances to enjoy a walk along the beach. This month, get ready to pack up and go on another summer vacation worth looking back on.

Can’t think of a destination? Well, here’s an island group that you will surely love—the Babuyan Islands.

The Babuyan Islands and What It Has to Offer

The Babuyan Group of Islands or simply Babuyan Islands is an archipelago in Luzon composed of five major islands: Babuyan, Calayan, Dalupiri, Fuga, and Camiguin. These islands each offer tourist spots that attract numerous guests each year. As to why it is so popular, the list below will speak for itself.

1. Babuyan Island or Babuyan Claro

Babuyan Islands

Babuyan is the northernmost of the five Babuyan Islands. The Babuyan Island or Babuyan Claro, as it is sometimes called, boasts picture-perfect scenery that you won’t regret going the distance for. The high island features the Smith Volcano, which towers at 2,257 ft, and Mt. Pangasun at 3,543 ft. The hike to Babuyan Claro can take hours, but those who took on the challenge all say every step is worth it, as what will greet you is a majestic sight you will never get to marvel at anywhere else.

2. Calayan Island

Calayan Island

The largest of the Babuyan Islands, on the other hand is a white sand paradise. While the Babuyan Island has only barely a thousand people, the Calayan island is home to more than 16,000 residents. Beaches and sea caves can be found in Calayan. The thing is, there are no hotels in the area, but tourist can book homestays.

With the scenic beaches and delicious food, a day won’t probably be enough, if you want to see every breathtaking spot this island houses.

3. Camiguin Island

Camiguin Island

Not to be confused with the Camiguin Island in Mindanao, the Luzon counterpart of the equally beautiful island is a real haven for those wanting to spend their summer somewhere that offers peace and solace. Fishing is the main source of livelihood in the area, so you’re free to try catching some too.

4. Dalupiri Island

Dalupiri Island

Unlike Camiguin, people in Dalupiri Island raise farm animals for a living. The island has always been known for being the temporary home to migratory birds. You will also encounter exotic wildlife in Dalupiri, like the nankeen night heron and zebra ralle—now that’s something you wouldn’t want to miss!

5. Fuga Island

Fuga Island

An island that costs billions, Fuga is the only island in the Babuyan Archipelago that is under the jurisdiction of a mainland municipality, Aparri. Fuga consists of three islets, each offering tourist destinations that you will never regret visiting. Luxurious resorts can be found in the island, so you don’t have to worry about accommodation when you reach the island.

Because of its location, the Babuyan Islands is rarely visited. Trip to the area takes longer than what people can only endure. This fact makes the island an unsung wonder. If you’re the type that loves adventures, then this groups of islands is the perfect destination to add you your travel bucket list.

Ready for more adventure? Make your summer  memorable by visiting the best tourist spots in Northern Luzon.

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