Inspiring Metro Manila Supermarket Gives Work to People with Autism

Inspiring Metro Manila Supermarket

Savemore in Light Mall in Mandaluyong City has gone viral on social media when word got around that the supermarket employs autistic people.

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Mandaluyong Supermarket Employs Autistic People, Gains Praises from Netizens

Teen with Autisms

Autism Society Philippines sang praises for the supermarket on their Facebook page, saying:

“Do your grocery shopping at the Savemore in Light Mall in Mandaluyong and say hello to their workers with ‪#‎autism‬!

Thank you to SM Markets, SM Cares, Independent Living Learning Centre (ILLC Philippines), UP College of Education, and UP-CAMP for all the hard work—past and future!

“This partnership is one of many supported by the ASP Career Placement Initiative. ASP members with adult children (18 years old and up) with autism who are job-ready and who want to join this program may send their résumés to”

Employing Autistic People

Three of the first few employees to be employed by the supermarket are Carlo, Karl, and Matt. All three of them are graduates of ILLC, a school especially started for children, adolescents, and young adults with developmental conditions. ILCC aims to maximize the potential of these people and help them use their skills to the fullest. Through special education, the institution hopes to produce students who are independent and self-sufficient, despite their condition.

As soon as social media picked up news that the supermarket employs autistic people, netizens showed interest in such a heartwarming act and have since sent compliments to the people behind the brilliant idea.

Savemore Employee

All three employees with autism can be seen dressed in staff uniform as they arrange the items on the shelves. Letting them complete such task gives them the feeling that they too can do something.

This inspiring story is very special because the stigma against autism still exists, and to have a business go against that, well, that is just simply beautiful.

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