indigenous materials in filipino homes

Indigenous Materials Used in Filipino Homes

As the world evolves, so does the field of architecture. In a Filipino setting, our bahay kubos have gone from being made entirely of indigenous materials to adopting a foreign…

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Evolution of Filipino Homes

From Kubo to Townhomes: The Evolution of Filipino Homes Over the Last 100 Years

The late artist Leandro Locsin once said, “Philippine architecture is an elusive thing.” And true enough, “elusive” just might be the most fitting word to describe it. The Spanish and American colonization…

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Bahay Kubo How to Build One

Bahay Kubo: How to Build One

If you have studied in the Philippines as a child, then you might have encountered a book or two with a drawing of a bahay kubo, on the side of…

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Stunning Decorating Tips for Small Apartments

30 Stunning Decorating Tips for Small Apartments

Are you currently living in a tiny apartment? Many people do, either by choice or necessity. It can be tough living in a small, confined space, so take a look…

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Indigenous Materials in Filipino Architecture

4 Indigenous Materials Used in Filipino Architecture

As far as local real estate is concerned, current housing trends follow American and European designs. While impressive, these forms are not exactly the best for our tropical climate, which…

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