EDSA People Power Revolution

The EDSA People Power Revolution and What It Means Now for Filipinos 

It’s been more than thirty years since the EDSA People Power Revolution, but it is still being celebrated as one of the most significant events that molded our country into…

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outdoor christmas party games

Funny Outdoor Party Games to Try This Christmas

The Filipino Christmas is upon us! It’s the season for Noche Buena, village parties, neighborhood parties, and extended family reunions. If the Santa hat is on you this year and…

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top 10 activities pinoys love to do during undas

Top 10 Activities Pinoys Love to Do During Undas

It’s that time of the year again, when spirits are said to roam the earth and people huddle together and tell each other horror stories come nighttime. No, we’re not…

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It’s October: Festivals Around the Philippines to Be Excited About

The Philippines is one of the countries with the most number of festivals in the world. The feasts in a single month alone will show you just how many there…

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5 Classroom Game Ideas to Make School Exciting

The cause of an unresponsive classroom can be due to a number of things, but one common cause is bored students. We bet the image of no one raising their hands…

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August Festivals Philippines

August Festivals to Look Forward To When You’re in the Philippines

What comes to your mind when you think of the Philippines? Do you think of white sand beaches? Or is it the hot tropical weather? Do you also think of…

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Tribal Games

Tribal Games of the Philippines That Are Still Played Today

The Philippines is a foreign concept. Prior to colonization, the archipelago consisted of a mishmash of ethnolinguistic cultures, each tribe and barangay bearing a name of their own. At present, the 7,641…

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Filipino Courtship

Back When ‘Uso Pa ang Harana’: Everything About the Traditional Filipino Courtship

Before the internet and smartphones, the Philippines had a very rich dating tradition—and a rather strict one too. But it is through this tradition that our lolo, lola, nanay, and tatay grew fond…

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Filipino Toys

Classic Filipino Toys That Will Make You Super Nostalgic – Part 2

Kids in the ’90s surely enjoyed their childhood with all the classic Filipino toys they could play with before. The first article of this two-part series already served the memoirs of older age justice….

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Classic Filipino Toys

Classic Filipino Toys That Will Give You Nostalgia

Yes, Nintendo Switch is great, but have you heard of teks? Playing Clash of Clans might be a good pastime, but have you tried playing with paper dolls? How about…

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