Bahay Kubo in Philippines

Philippine Cultural Icon: Bahay Kubo

Bahay kubo or nipa hut in English is a Filipino traditional dwelling place made of genuine green materials like nipa leaves for the roof and split bamboos for the wall and…

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Philippine Traditions and Icons

Philippine Traditions and Icons That Are in Danger of Disappearing

If we are to list all Philippine traditions and icons we have today, it’ll take us longer than what free time would only allow. The list is long, and that’s…

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Filipino Words You Should Add to Your Vocabulary

Filipino Words You Should Add to Your Vocabulary

Filipino is not exactly the easiest language to learn, which is why we usually find foreigners struggling with it. We may laugh with them about their lack of knowledge of our lingua…

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Pinoy Games for Childrens Party

8 Traditional Pinoy Games for Children’s Party

The Filipino people love having a party, and it’s not a complete party without the lechon, rice, the countless titas with their inappropriate comments, and the party games. Today, we…

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Traditional Pinoy Food

Must-Try Traditional Pinoy Food to Challenge Your Palate

If you are a foreigner trying to embark on an adventure in the Philippines, get your palate ready, here are street foods for you that you should try before you…

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Pinoy Food to Challenge

Must-Try Traditional Pinoy Food to Challenge Your Palate: Part 1

The Philippines is known for its beautiful landscape, dreamy beaches, and hospitable people, but if you’re a foreigner dreaming of visiting this little piece of paradise, you should get your…

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Filipino Habits

Filipino Habits That Should Be Continuously Practiced: Part 1

There have been negative traits that Filipinos have been known for—crab mentality or envy and insecurity, mañana habit or procrastination, and Filipino time or tardiness. These traits hinder the country’s…

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Filipino Habits That Should Be Continuously Practiced

Filipino Habits That Should Be Continuously Practiced: Part 2

Although the Philippines often finds itself stuck in the middle of a natural disaster and other types of issues, with their resilience, it seems like Filipinos always find an easier…

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Traditional Filipino Games

10 Traditional Filipino Games You Can Teach Your Kids

You can learn more about Filipino culture when you know more about traditional games the children play in their neighborhood. Larong Pinoy is creating games that don’t need gadgets or…

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Relearn Bayanihan

Relearn Bayanihan: The Essence of Filipino Community Spirit

With the modern advancement we are enjoying, it looks like some of us have forgotten about the traditions that define us Filipinos. One concrete example would be Bayanihan. yes, maybe…

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