Filipino Style Chicharon Recipe You Can Make at Home

Filipino-Style Chicharon Recipe You Can Make at Home

Who doesn’t enjoy munching down some good old chicharon? Whether you want to enjoy it with rice or munch it down on its own, chicharon can be eaten and enjoyed…

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List of Filipino Desserts

List of Filipino Desserts: Part 3

A couple of weeks ago, we compiled the top favorite Filipino desserts of all time for you to choose from for this holiday season. The list is so long that we…

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Filipino Recipes Mouthwatering Pork Sinigang

Filipino Recipes: Mouthwatering Pork Sinigang

Pork sinigang, which is also called sinigang na baboy, is a soup dish popular for its sour taste. Although the most is the pork sinigang recipe, some use chicken, shrimp,…

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Filipino Recipes Pork Menudo for Dinner

Filipino Recipes: Pork Menudo for Dinner

While the Pinoy version of the pork menudo is red like its Mexican counterpart, these are two very different dishes and should not be confused with one another. It is…

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Sinful Filipino Food

Sinful Filipino Food You Need to Try At Least Once in Your Life

Just a friendly warning, when we say it’s a list of some sinful Filipino food, we’re living up to that title. These are incredibly sinful, your doctor might die of…

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