Organizing the Filipino Kitchen: Tips and Tricks

Apart from the living room and dining room, the kitchen is yet another part of the Filipino home that brings family and friends closer. It’s more than just a place…

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Filipino Patio Design Ideas Perfect for 2019

Staying inside a Filipino house without air conditioning can indeed get unbearably humid. And for such a family-oriented people, the living room can feel like an oven for some homes…

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The Most Pleasing Living Room Wall Colors to Impress Guests

Wherever you go around the world, you will be surprised at how everyone thinks Filipinos are too hospitable. Foreigners who come to visit the Philippines speak of Filipinos going out…

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Modern Balcony Designs

Home Remodeling Guide: Modern Balcony Designs

If putting up a modern terrace is such a radical overhaul for your home, you can always opt in for a subtler substitute that still offers a view of the outdoors—a balcony. Especially when you have a…

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Wooden House Designs

Home Remodeling Guide: Modern Wooden House Designs

The Philippines is a tropical country, which means that a wooden house that offers a cool resting area makes the perfect abode, given the climate. Plus, the abundance of timber…

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Fireproof Your Home

It’s Fire Prevention Month: Tips to Fireproof Your Home

With the summer sun gradually hovering over our roofs this March, it is best to steer clear of fire hazards. March happens to be one of the hottest months in…

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Modern Terrace Designs

Home Remodeling Guide: Modern Terrace Designs

A terrace is the perfect place to be for that relaxing panoramic view of the surrounding, which is probably why it’s everybody’s go-to spot if they just want to chill. It’s where you read…

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Nature-Inspired Bathroom Designs

Home Remodeling Guide: Nature-Inspired Bathroom Designs

Everybody will agree, the bathroom may not be the biggest area in the house, but it can be the most personal. It’s where you athe, defecare, change your clothes, or…

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Decorating a Small Bedroom

Home Remodeling Guide: Tips and Tricks for Decorating a Small Bedroom

Redecorating your bedroom is fun, but it can be frustrating and challenging if you are renovating a small space. Worry not, though, as we’ve gathered some clever tips for decorating a small bedroom…

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2019 Furniture Trends

Home Remodeling Guide: Top Furniture Trends in 2019

The new year has just begun. Do yourself a favor and let go of the past—and the old, outdated, rustic sofa you’ve been lounging on since god-knows-when. If that’s what you’ll do, you will…

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