Ways to Turn a Plain Condo into a Relaxing Home

4 Ways to Turn a Plain Condo into a Relaxing Home

There’s a sense of accomplishment that comes when stepping into a newly turned over condo unit. After investing your hard-earned pesos in a space that you can call your own,…

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Home Improvement

Home Improvement: 20 Easy 60-Minute Fixes

Making your space come alive can mean something as easy as rearranging furniture or giving a tiny touch up on the paint. Below are some easy home improvement fixes that…

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Closet Design Ideas

5 Alternative Closet Design Solutions for Your Space

If you have a lot of clothes but not enough closet space, that leaves you with quite a dilemma as a homeowner. For those who are living with this problem,…

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Organizing Kids' Toys

19 Practical Ways to Deal with Your Kids’ Toys

If you have a lot of kids in the house, cleaning up after them is challenging. As parents, the amount of clutter and disorganization you’ll have to face every time can be…

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