places to visit post-quarantine

Best Places to Visit in the Philippines Post-Quarantine

If there’s anything millions of Filipinos are the same at at the moment, it’s probably the fact that we’re all confined to our homes. No one’s allowed to go out…

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Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day Destinations: Fall Deeper in Love with Your Lover and the Philippines

Planning your Valentine’s Day getaway? Look no farther than the Philippines. Composed of 7,641 islands, the Philippines will never disappoint you when it comes to Valentine’s Day ideas. File those…

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New Year's Eve

Grand Philippine Destinations to Spend New Year’s Eve In

Planning to hit the streets instead of staying home for media noche the traditional way? The Philippines is a country of festive islands every New Year’s Eve. Like every country…

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It’s October: Festivals Around the Philippines to Be Excited About

The Philippines is one of the countries with the most number of festivals in the world. The feasts in a single month alone will show you just how many there…

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Breathtaking Camping Sites Around the Philippines

In an archipelago filled with scenic mountains and tranquil nature trails, vacations are sometimes better spent in a tent than in a hotel. Picture waking up to a view of…

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Revealing the Best Places You Can Spend National Heroes Day

National Heroes Day is just around the corner, and what better way to spend the long weekend than going on a holiday somewhere scenic with your family and loved ones….

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August Festivals Philippines

August Festivals to Look Forward To When You’re in the Philippines

What comes to your mind when you think of the Philippines? Do you think of white sand beaches? Or is it the hot tropical weather? Do you also think of…

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Tourist Spots in Antique

Antique: The Province Where the Mountains Meet the Sea

A region shrouded in mystery and cloaked with an eerie folklore, the Western Visayas is always perceived as a creepy destination for tourists. Some say, it’s the place where mythical creatures lurk even in…

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Tribal Games

Tribal Games of the Philippines That Are Still Played Today

The Philippines is a foreign concept. Prior to colonization, the archipelago consisted of a mishmash of ethnolinguistic cultures, each tribe and barangay bearing a name of their own. At present, the 7,641…

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Things to Do in Sagada

10 Amazing Things to Do in Sagada

Imagine this: a highland town with the perfect cuddle weather to spend your entire week with your significant other. You sit on a wooden chair, wrapped in a wool blanket,…

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